Six notes on the use of ovulation test strips

Ovulation test paper is used to test which days is the female ovulation period of a tool, that is to tell you which days is safe period, these days, husband and wife sex life is not easy to pregnancy. The ovulation period is a dangerous period, these days it is very easy to her pregnancy, after the ovulation test, can accurately test the ovulation period, so you no longer afraid pregnant or are afraid not to worry about pregnancy. However, in the use of ovulation test paper, we should pay attention to the following six problems:

The women who use the ovulation test before, first need to determine their menstrual cycle. Most women’s menstrual cycle in about 28 days, the general error of not more than 5 days. If your menstrual cycle is less than 27 days or more than 40 days, ask the obstetrician for advice on whether ovulation tests can be used.

The oral contraceptive women need two months after drug withdrawal, in order to use ovulation test. Because the pill can inhibit the secretion of luteinizing hormone, make the paper color or color display light, led to inaccurate detection results.

It also is suffering from diseases of the endocrine system such as ovarian cyst of women, or are taking steroid hormones, women should not use ovulation test.

It is best to use the morning urine test should not be used in place for a long time the urine specimens.

We don’t drink plenty of water or drink before detection. Urine collection containers used for testing should be kept clean.

No ovulation test is not 100 per cent proof of egg formation. Therefore, when women suffer from pregnancy problems, they should go to the gynecology and obstetrics department of a regular hospital in time.

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