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What reason does menstruation do not come, 7 big culprit is the main reason that causes menstruation not to come?

There are always people asking, why does menstruation always delay? In fact, there are many reasons for irregular menstruation, but first of all, the question is to consider whether or not pregnant. In the absence of pregnancy, consider other factors that lead to irregular menstruation.

Female malnutrition and oral contraceptives can lead to periods of irregular menstruation or irregular menstruation. If you don’t have menstruation, you can first consider the following 7 reasons:

1, drug abuse, abuse or often heavy use of antibiotics, for women can cause menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, ovulation, this drug may be suppressed and injured people’s own resistance, causes the body dysfunction.

Warm tip: good immunity helps you fight minor ailments. Don’t just give antibiotics a boost”. Once the advanced antibiotics are used, then the lower ones do not work because the bacteria have become resistant to them. Therefore, medication should be asked to doctors, “upgrade” to be careful.

2, smoking: nicotine in tobacco can reduce the secretion of sex hormones, thereby interfering with menstrual related physiological processes, causing irregular menstruation. Women who smoke more than 1 packs a day are 3 times more likely to have irregular periods than women who do not smoke.

Warm tips: change bad habits, and resolutely quit smoking. Vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin C can reduce the harm of smoking on the body, you can take some pills, or eat more oranges, oranges, kiwi and other fruits.

3, pressure: positive women of childbearing age, if the long-term under pressure, will suppress pituitary function, make ovarian secretion of female hormones and no ovulation, menstrual disorders will begin. Similarly, the long-term depressed mood, sulking or bad mood, also can affect menstruation.

Warm tip: relieve mental stress. Engage in some general exercises, such as swimming, running, one to two times a week, 30 minutes each time. Eat more food with less stress, such as bananas, cabbage, potatoes, shrimp, chocolate, ham, corn, tomatoes and so on.

4, bengdi: noise will lead to female disorders of menstruation and fertility have adverse effects

Warm tips: try to choose a quiet place to gather and reduce noise exposure. You can shorten the time you visit the bar or party in your own home.

5 constipation: constipation may cause menstrual disorders in women. If the rectum is filled with excess stool, the cervix will move forward and the uterus will lean back. If the uterus is repeated over a long period of time, the vein in the broad ligament will be compressed and obstructed, and the uterus wall will become congested and lose its elasticity. Wakako Miyanagakubomochi in the back position, there will be low back pain, menstrual disorders.

Warm tip: Sweet prescription: take sesame oil, honey each spoonful, after mixing, take it, can moisten the stomach, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Daily morning fasting drink a bowl of hot dishes or two bowls of soup, has obvious curative effect on treating constipation. Constipation is a good drink for constipation. It can relieve constipation and reduce fat. Every day, sooner or later, drink lemon juice, can promote digestion, weight loss, and have soft stool effect. Walnut, yogurt, dried plum are laxative snacks; eat less coffee and eat bananas can also play a role in promoting bowel movement, but excessive consumption will be self defeating.

6, Tanliang: Women’s menstrual cold, will cause pelvic vascular contraction, cause ovarian dysfunction, can cause hypomenorrhea, or even amenorrhea.

Tips: to avoid the cold and wet period, to avoid the rain, wading, swimming, cold drinks and so on, in order to prevent the body cold, keep warm. May wish to add green onions, beans, pumpkin, garlic, ginger, chestnuts, oranges and other foods in the diet; in addition, vinegar, sauce, vegetable oil, pepper, pepper and other spices and beef stew, chicken broth, are caused by this situation of menstruation has certain effect.

7, electromagnetic wave: all kinds of household appliances and electronic equipment will produce different electromagnetic waves are in use, the electromagnetic waves the long-term effect on the human body will have a bad effect on women’s endocrine and reproductive function, leading to endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders.

Warm tips: when operating the computer, be sure to do the protection. It is safer to install a hands-free dialogue device on your cell phone. Of course, it’s better not to use mobile phones for a long time. Use microwave less, refrigerator should not be put in the bedroom. Pay attention to the scientific use of electrical appliances, as far as possible to avoid all kinds of electrical appliances at the same time open for use, the continuous use of time can not be too long, the frequency should not be too frequent. Eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, often drink some green tea, can effectively prevent and mitigate the harm of electromagnetic pollution on the human body.