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The symptom that darling gets colic disease has what baby, how much do hernia, operation is most appropriate?

The baby was born to mothers of children all worry about not enough, from everyday food and clothing to education, mothers always broken heart.

Some babies were soon discovered after birth, there are some unexplained bulging packets and lumps, which makes many mothers are worried, afraid of what the child had a serious illness. In fact, this is the hernia. This article will introduce the symptoms and manifestations of hernia disease, together with a detailed understanding of it.


What does the symptom that darling gets hernia disease?

What is hernia?

A hernia is an organ in the abdominal cavity that moves away from its original position into another position, thereby forming a hernia pocket. Prolapse of the organs in the small intestine is the majority, and therefore feel soft, go back often accompanied by gurgling murmur, and other such as large intestine, appendix, large omentum may also be out. Female baby more ovarian prolapse, so often can feel like thumb big, hard and most tenderness of the lump.

Two, baby suffering from hernia symptoms

1. unknown mass

If a parent finds an unknown mass in a certain part of the baby’s body, the lump can be large or small, and the diameter of the fiber ring can be 1 cm, which holds only one small finger, or 5 centimeters in size. These have lumps, mostly scrotal (labia minora), groin, navel and other places.

2. lumps sometimes disappear

In general the baby crying at the time, increased abdominal pressure, caused by pressure from the small intestine by no abdominal gap closed good squeezed out, then you will see some of the above positions were enlarged and prominent, and the baby to stop crying or lying down, the tumor disappeared.

Three, baby do hernia surgery the best time

Within 6 months of the baby hernia mostly can heal, unless the hernia piece increases gradually, or incarceration requires surgery, children over the age of 1. After the age there is a hernia, only need surgical treatment.

It is possible for a baby to have a hernia at age 1-6, but the sooner it is done, the better. It is recommended to be performed at the age of 2-3, which is difficult, good prognosis and quick recovery. If the child is 4, until 5 years old again, because this kind of surgery is to anesthesia, before and after the operation is about 18 hours (sometimes more) are unable to eat, the child is too cruel, smaller such memories are often not profound, but after the age of 4, many children remember things. The harm to them as can be imagined, and more than 6 year old child surgery recurrence will increase.

The symptom that darling gets colic disease has what baby, how much do hernia, operation is most appropriate?0

What does the symptom that darling gets hernia disease?

Four. Precautions after operation of children’s hernia

1., after surgery pay attention to protect the wound, especially infants and young children, don’t let the children will be covered with gauze on the wound scratch; more can not because of dirty dirty cloth gauze pollution wound, cause wound infection, purulent.

2., second days after surgery can be discharged, discharged within one week after returning to hospital for further consultation.

3., because the scrotum may have varying degrees of swelling, usually 2 to 3 days time will subside, if swelling and hair hard, there may be congestion, and ask the doctor to check. If the swelling and hard hair are no longer developed, congestion will gradually be absorbed.

4. because the wound disappeared after surgery and anesthetic drugs have different degrees of pain, should be more humour or transfer children’s attention, try to avoid crying, if not crying, injectable or oral sedative, let the children quiet sleep.

5. after surgery to let children sleep sideways, with a soft cotton diaper folding strips clip in the perineal region, if the right operation, should let the children lying on the left side, once the urine, the urine is not on the gauze and contaminated wounds. If the diaper is not available, the gauze at the wound should be exposed outside the diaper.