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The scorching summer crystal refused vaginitis to find the door of the 4 Tips

Has been one of the gynecological disease vaginitis that women are the most frequently encountered, especially in the hot summer, the slightest mistake will make all kinds of vaginitis can take advantage of. In order to make healthy summer women’s health network Xiaobian recommend, in this hot summer, do the following four note, can effectively resist “outside vaginitis”.

1. Get plenty of sleep

Ensure adequate sleep every day, do not stay up late, otherwise it will reduce the body’s resistance to disease. Pay attention to sex life frequency, sexual life more than 3 times a week, urinary tract infection rate increased greatly, in the summer of this special stage should reduce the number of.

2, cleaning order

Regular cleaning of the vulva and anus, cleaning should pay attention to the order, first wash the vulva, and then wash the anus, must not go the opposite way; towels and basins to hand special, otherwise bacteria are easy to invade the urethra.

3. Vulva Lotion

Female friends must buy regular manufacturers of products, so as not to inferior products to destroy the normal flora of the human body, but to reduce local resistance. Buy sanitary napkins should pay attention to product quality, and should not be kept for a long time, so as not to breed bacteria, causing genital and vaginal infections, when there are itching vulvae, leucorrhea symptoms, should go to see a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Wash your hands before going to bed

The survey found that people’s hands, there are a large number of pathogenic microorganisms such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, they may be infected by the solution to this link into the urethra, so to develop good health habits is very important.

Unmarried female mycotic vaginitis why refractory

The treatment of fungal vaginitis in unmarried young women is indeed a little tricky. Because the patient is unmarried, gynecologist can not use the device to check the inflammatory characteristics of the vaginal mucosa, nor can the effect of drugs into the vagina deep to kill mildew, can only be smoked wash, painted some Clotrimazole Ointment outside the vagina. But this medicine can not kill the mold of the vagina. This is why these patients have long failed to work. If she has sexual life and agrees to examine the vagina, she can be given 3% sodium bicarbonate solution and nystatin for a total of 10 days and instructed her to go home and take the medicine herself. Every night before bedtime with 3% sodium bicarbonate solution or vaginal washing bath, dry, then nystatin suppositories 1 grains (100 thousand units) sent to the vagina deep. Once a night, for 10 days. Because nystatin is a specific drug, it is also the main part of the process of mold reproduction and inflammation, so the effect is excellent. After a course of treatment, it will recover.

What is emergency contraception?

What is the emergency contraceptives, emergency contraception is in sexual life after the failure or not a measure for taking contraceptive measures after 72 hours, the effect of more than 90% (of course, the sooner the better take). Emergency contraceptives are over-the-counter drugs, OTC, which means we can buy them in regular pharmacies or even supermarkets. At present, the common market and have emergency contraception Yuting Cornell. If China is a special emergency contraception


What is low estrogen? Symptoms and manifestations of low estrogen levels

What is low estrogen? What are the symptoms and manifestations of low estrogen? What is the effect of low estrogen in women on health? In fact, low estrogen directly affects the development of follicles, thereby affecting the normal fertility, low estrogen is also a major cause of difficult pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, low estrogen can be adjusted by diet.

The enormous role of estrogen is no substitute for any hormone, because its role in women’s lives is very important and difficult to leave. When estrogen is scarce due to disease, when the ovaries secrete estrogen for certain reasons, when the female enters menopause and needs estrogen, it becomes very precious and sacred. This is of course not only maintain female sexuality, not only to the elderly fitness, but to the basic health of women, in order to secure the longevity elderly, in order to later life flavorfully, xiaoxiao.

So, what are the symptoms of low estrogen? Estrogen is low, what is good to eat? Estrogen is secreted by the ovary, if low estrogen appears breast dysplasia, irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility, frigidity, dry skin, dark yellow rough wrinkles, chloasma, menopausal syndrome, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, waist and shoulder ache.

Low estrogen symptoms: irritability, hot flashes, blushing temper, eyes swollen, mild edema, vaginal dryness…… A total of 150 different symptoms vary from person to person. Don’t treat it if it’s not serious, just keep getting enough sleep. Have a good time and will soon pass it. Severe can take estrogen replacement therapy (ask gynecologist to help).

It is said that soy isoflavones have phytoestrogens, eat more soy products (such as soybean milk) or other leguminous plants (such as Pueraria) beneficial. But this is not confirmed in animal experiments, human and human, half lack can be transformed soybean isoflavone by enzyme, eat also eat.

Estrogen is not Everfount provided to women, because of ovarian a growth cycle, when the ovaries stop hormone secretion, the body’s hormone began to decline, some of the relevant organs of the body of the function have begun to decline. Estrogen is very important for women. Women in modern society are under great pressure. Many young female friends lack the symptoms of estrogen.

The female friend asks: “the expert first takes you to know some common knowledge about estrogen: estrogen is one kind of female hormone, produce by ovary and placenta. The adrenal cortex also produces a small number of estrogens.

When female children enter puberty, the ovaries begin to secrete estrogen, which promotes the development of the vagina, uterus, fallopian tube and ovary itself. Meanwhile, endometrial hyperplasia leads to menstruation. Estrogen can also promote subcutaneous fat accumulation, body fullness; breast hyperplasia, nipple and areola color darker, and produce sexual desire; to promote the retention of sodium and water, calcium deposition in bone.

According to statistics, Chinese women after 35 years of age generally appear estrogen decreased, estrogen is low, easily lead to endocrine disorders, women love aging, advance to menopause, osteoporosis and so on. Its main performance:

1, dry skin itching, skin ants walk sense;

2, abnormal sensation (often tingling, numbness, tinnitus);

3, hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, depression, and even loss of confidence in life;

4, physical sub-health, such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, low back and joint pain, osteoporosis symptoms, memory loss, palpitations, blood pressure fluctuations, urinary system discomfort;

5, menstrual disorders, sexual difficulties, and some even can not lead to sexual life, and even affect fertility.

Generally speaking, after the age of 45, due to the reduction of estrogen secretion, a series of climacteric symptoms occur, and the climacteric syndrome with different weight and autonomic nervous system dysfunction mainly occurs. Therefore, when estrogen is low, it should be supplemented in time.

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How to share pregnancy experience after successful conception of women in the posterior uterus

Having children is a necessary course for every couple, but now many young couples are not in a hurry to have children until their marriage is stable.

General formal before conception has a long pregnancy, if the failure to conceive, it means that all the hard work in front of all. How exactly can the womb be pregnant quickly? Let’s take a look at these pregnancy tips.

How to share pregnancy experience after successful conception of women in the posterior uterus1

How do the uterus become pregnant quickly after the uterus?

How can the uterus become pregnant quickly after the uterus?

1., after sexual intercourse, prone or sexual intercourse, take the back kneeling

The accumulation of semen into the anterior fornix of the vagina makes it easy for the upturned cervix to be immersed in semen.

2. hips raised during intercourse

Pad the hips so that the seminal semen is collected at the posterior fornix of the vagina. After sexual intercourse, continue to raise the buttocks for 20-30 minutes, and after ejaculation woman puzzled urinate in half an hour, in order to avoid the outflow of semen, let the cervical mouth contact with semen ample, so as to add the sperm into the uterine cavity probability.

3. hysterectomy

There are individual pregnant women, it is possible to use a gimmick to restore the uterus before the location, and then in the short term, a pre placed uterine support can be.

Long term prone position sleep or lateral position of the chest and knee can correct the position of the uterus. At the same time, the husband and wife in sexual intercourse, the woman immediately change the sleeping posture, lie prone position for half an hour; or in sexual intercourse and after sexual intercourse for a period of time, the woman’s hips pad, can help to conceive. At the same time, the woman is best not to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse.

Two. Successful pregnancy experience in the posterior uterus

1. pre pregnancy examination

In general it is slightly after the uterus will not affect the normal pregnancy, but if after the uterus slightly serious then will cause the sperm and the egg is not easy with so prone to pregnancy difficult situation, then, after the uterus pregnancy how fast? The successful preparation of the uterus after pregnancy has wood experience? In order to increase the probability of successful pregnancy after the uterus suggested the couple go to the hospital to check eugenics, to ensure the health of both husband and wife on the premise of pregnancy preparation problems.

2. automatically correct the posterior position of the uterus

Stay on your side, lie on your back, and kneel 2-3 times, half an hour each time, giving the uterus a chance to lean forward. In the menstrual period every day should also be prone once, because this is a bit soft womb, beneficial clamor forward. If after the uterus is serious, should often do kneeling knee chest position, namely kneeling and horizontal vertical, waist to collapse, and not to bow, every 15 minutes or so.

How to share pregnancy experience after successful conception of women in the posterior uterus2

How do the uterus become pregnant quickly after the uterus?

3. monitoring ovulation

In fact, the problems of whether you want to improve the probability of uterus after ovulation monitoring successful pregnancy preparation is a must, because women only determine the normal ovum to conceive, so after the uterus successfully prepared three pregnant experience is monitoring ovulation.

4. adopt proper posture

In order to improve the probability of success after the uterus pregnancy preparation prepare pregnant couple also need to pay special attention to her sexual positions, according to the successful experience can be drawn with the pregnancy position after the uterus is very important, it is best to choose the same after the uterus behind kneeling male semen that will be easier to enter the female uterus in order to improve the chances of pregnancy.

5. keep your mind

What are the successful experiences of preparing the uterus after the pregnancy? After the uterus successfully prepared pregnant experience of five is to maintain physical and mental pleasure, is not what the big problem after the uterus, usually slightly after the uterus can be corrected through daily, so keep a good state of mind is one of the key to success in a uterine pregnancy preparation, after the uterus pregnancy is the most taboo too nervous. So just keep it best.

Which brand is good for pregnant women pregnant zinc products zinc what to eat good food

Zinc is one of the essential trace elements in human body. It plays an important role in human development, heredity, endocrine and immunity.

We always see in the television advertisement about zinc products advertising, but most of them are about children. The pregnant women with zinc zinc products which brand is better? Let’s get together.

Which brand is good for pregnant women pregnant zinc products zinc what to eat good food1

Which brand is good products of zinc in pregnant women

A pregnant woman, zinc products recommended

1. Hayaosan brand refined zinc gluconate oral liquid (blue bottle child / adult pack)

Zinc gluconate oral liquid Hayaosan fine card with zinc gluconate as the main raw material of health food, health care function with zinc. Children and adults can drink, but consumption is not the same, pregnant and lactating women 2 times a day, each time 1, is relatively close to the people of zinc products.

2. new rare treasure card Xinxibao tablets (maternity)

Zinc selenium tablet is through biotransformation of selenium and iodine zinc protein powder as the main raw material of health food, supplemented with starch, gelatin, stevioside processing, the effective ingredients of zinc containing selenium iodine with protein, adjust the immune system function. Good taste, crisp, natural, no hormones.

Brand new rare treasure Xinxibao is specifically suitable for pregnant women to eat the maternity maternity brand new rare treasure Xinxibao tablets can improve the digestion of pregnant women, early pregnancy reaction alleviate pregnancy, pregnant women maintain normal immune function, and promote the rapid development of second trimester fetal organs, enhance uterine contraction in late pregnancy, reduce labor pain, natural safety without any additives.

The two or three generation of zinc products

The first generation of inorganic zinc: zinc sulfate, zinc chloride, zinc nitrate (a drug class, strong side effects, have been eliminated, currently used in clinical to promote wound healing).

The second generation of organic zinc: zinc gluconate, licorice zinc, zinc acetate, zinc citrate, zinc amino acid and zinc lactate (a medicine category, lower prices but some side effects, to take to reduce the side effects and are not recommended for children and pregnant women).

The third generation: brand new rare treasure protein zinc zinc and selenium tablet (zinc preferred, is a health food, no side effect to absorb the higher, insist on taking about 3-5 months, can solidify the rebound significantly improved).

Three, pregnant women recommended food supplement

1., pregnant women should also eat more cabbage, seafood, pumpkin, eggplant, beans, nuts and other zinc rich foods.

2. pregnant women with zinc supplements had better use method. In food, zinc content of many foods, oysters, malt, followed by fish, milk, lean meat, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, seaweed, liver and other animals.

3. in the field of fruit, apple is rich in nutrients rich, not only rich in zinc and other trace elements, but also rich in lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients, especially the fine fiber content is high, is conducive to the fetal cerebral cortex edge hippocampal development, contribute to fetal acquired memory.

Which brand is good for pregnant women pregnant zinc products zinc what to eat good food2

Which brand is good products of zinc in pregnant women

Four, pregnant women supplement recipes recommended

(1) squid with cumin;

Nutritional analysis: squid is rich in protein, in which minerals are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, potassium and sodium. They are very beneficial for bone development and hematopoiesis in children. Besides, the zinc content of these products is only secondary oyster.

Making method:

(1) will be cut to remove the squid ink skinning cut and wash the viscera;

(2) the squid cut flower blade into the boiling water and drain under;

(3) heat the oil in the pan and add the scallion and ginger;

(4) pieces into the pot after the fried squid stir fry add vinegar, cooking wine, fried squid cooked cumin.

(two) longan pig

Nutritional analysis: the best way is to supplement Sibu, longan pig can not only add rich zinc for pregnant Mommy, also has nourishing qi, spleen appetizer effect.

Making method:

(1) the pig out and remove fat and fascia, then guiyuanrou abluent, ginger slices;

(2) the heart to boil the water, too cold, then add longan, ginger and water;

(3) turn small, cook, adjust the flavor.

Which brand is good for pregnant women calcium recommended ten pregnant women calcium brand

From the beginning of the small baby, the mother is a person to eat two people’s weight, in addition to diet, but also need to add additional trace elements to ensure that the baby’s healthy development.

Calcium has an important impact on the formation of bone in the fetus, pregnant women need calcium supplementation during pregnancy. Available calcium products on what brand of a superb collection of beautiful things, pregnant women calcium is better? The next Xiaobian will recommend ten tablets for everyone, regardless of rank or oh

Which brand is good for pregnant women calcium recommended ten pregnant women calcium brand1

Which brand is good for pregnant women?

Ferguson, a pregnant women calcium

Using calcium carbonate as a high-quality calcium source, let pregnant mothers calcium, vitamin D helps intestinal absorption, while ensuring enough calcium, add the special CPP material make calcium absorption faster, higher absorption rate, avoid the pregnant mother constipation, pregnant mother to protect bone health.

Two, Caltrate

When it comes to calcium products, as the world’s first doctor recommended Caltrate, calcium brands, Caltrate ranked first in pregnant women calcium undoubtedly. Each tablet contains 600 mg of calcium calcium carbonate calcium, specially added vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium, the calcium carbonate as the source, all people can take. Caltrate after numerous clinical trials of calcium, calcium can effectively.

Three, eugenic Mommy

The pregnant mother in the choice of pregnant women calcium mostly choose the high utilization rate, good absorption, no stimulation of the products, this is a good mommy. Good mommy for maternal milk calcium chewable tablets containing calcium milk, whole milk, bovine colostrum powder, vitamin D, FOS, GOS, creamer, magnesium stearate and other substances, make the mother more calcium absorption, calcium is more easily.

Four, di Qiao

D-cal calcium high-quality source of calcium and calcium content of it is very high, reached 300 mg calcium per piece, in which vitamin D3 can effectively promote the absorption of calcium chewable fruit will make pregnant women more love, also does not contain sucrose, not easy to constipation in pregnant women.

Five, Kim

Gold is a lot of pregnant mother milk calcium calcium, milk calcium source imported pure natural calcium calcium milk, make the mother more secure, the calcium content of each piece of calcium is very high, but added CPP and vitamin D, more conducive to the absorption of calcium. No lactose and sucrose, pregnant mother will not eat constipation, products contain light milk flavor, good taste, pregnant mother will not be disgusted, and it does not need acid dissolution, it will not hurt the stomach.

Six, Tang Chenbeijian

Good health but also many pregnant mother liquid calcium calcium, can effectively alleviate the problem of osteoporosis during pregnancy. Its raw materials from the ocean of natural pearl, the calcium more natural and safe, and the calcium content BY-HEALTH liquid calcium is relatively high, each capsule contains 250 mg of calcium, specially added vitamin D, improves calcium absorption, reduce bone loss of calcium, calcium supplement that the effect is more obvious.

Which brand is good for pregnant women calcium recommended ten pregnant women calcium brand2

Which brand is good for pregnant women?

Seven, three fine calcium gluconate

Three fine calcium gluconate oral liquid is the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency symptoms, can alleviate the pregnant mother during pregnancy osteoporosis tetania and other symptoms, is good for pregnant women calcium. Three fine calcium gluconate oral liquid with its price and benefits become a large selection of pregnant mothers calcium.


Calcium can effectively prevent due to calcium deficiency caused by disease, also be helpful for osteoporosis, neuropathic pain, muscle twitching, is pregnant women the best calcium products. But the pregnant mother should pay attention to is, like Osteoform capsules, if buy the flake may be false, therefore recommended that pregnant mother at the mall or store mother big buy.

Nine, the body Heng calcium tablets

The brand recommended for pregnant women calcium, many mothers have recommended calcium piece. The main ingredients of calcium tablets are calcium carbonate, white granulated sugar, vitamin D and starch. The taste is excellent. Calcium is more easily absorbed if taken together with protein zinc. Calcium tablets are rich in calcium, and contain no lead. They are more suitable for pregnant women and children. They can improve the symptoms of cramps, fatigue, joint pain and dizziness during pregnancy.

Ten, Amway Nutrilite

Pure natural seaweed extract, rich in calcium carbonate and Magnesium Oxide, is easily absorbed by the body without any artificial flavors, preservatives, and synthetic pigments. Specially added vitamin D helps calcium absorption, strengthens bone health, and keeps pregnant mothers away from osteoporosis.

Pregnant women what to eat iron, iron cooking utensils, cooking food to help iron

Now the child is about eugenics, if you want to give birth to a healthy baby, then pregnant mothers in pregnancy and pregnancy diet is very important. As we all know, iron is one of the main raw materials for human red blood cells, so iron supplementation during pregnancy is one of the key points for pregnant mothers.

There are a lot of food in life, and there are many ways to iron it. What food does pregnant woman eat after all can fill iron? How much iron does iron in pregnant women fit? Next, and Xiaobian together, a detailed understanding of it.

Pregnant women what to eat iron, iron cooking utensils, cooking food to help iron1

First, pregnant women iron supplementation method

1. eat more foods rich in folic acid

Take folic acid supplements from 3 months before conception until 3 months after conception. Diet, attention to eating foods rich in folic acid, such as liver, kidney, green leafy vegetables and fish, eggs, grains, soy products, nuts and so on. And when cooking, pay attention not to the temperature is too high, also shoulds not cook too long.

2. eat foods rich in iron

From the beginning of pregnancy and pregnancy, began to pay attention to eat lean meat, poultry, animal liver and blood (duck blood and pig blood), eggs and other iron rich foods. Bean products are also more iron, intestinal absorption rate is higher, we should pay attention to intake. Staple foods eat more pasta, pasta more iron than rice, intestinal absorption is better than rice.

3. eat vitamin C foods that are good for iron absorption

Fruits and vegetables can not only iron, vitamin C can also promote the absorption of iron in the intestine. Therefore, while eating rich iron food, it is best to eat more fruits and vegetables together, and also have a good effect on iron supplementation. Mother’s best egg and meat at the same time, improve the utilization of iron in eggs. Or eggs and tomatoes, vitamin C in tomatoes can increase iron absorption.

4. cook dishes with an iron cooker

Try to use when cooking pots, shovels, these traditional cookers will produce some small pieces of iron dissolved in food when cooking food, the formation of soluble salts, easy to intestinal absorption of iron.

Two, how much iron should pregnant women fill?

After pregnancy, the amount of blood in the body will increase by about 50%. Therefore, pregnant women need iron supplementation to supply the developing baby and placenta, especially in the second trimester and the third trimester.

Pregnant women need about 1000 milligrams of iron during the whole pregnancy (non pregnant women increased by 15% – 20%), which required 400 to 500 mg of iron fetal placenta, 60 – 100 mg of iron, iron 50 mg – 40 uterus, maternal hemoglobin increased 400 to 500 mg of iron, iron blood loss during delivery to 200 mg 100.

Three. The symptoms and manifestations of iron deficiency in pregnant women

1. trimester iron deficiency

Pregnancy iron deficiency anemia, pregnant women can not only cause palpitation and shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, can also lead to fetal hypoxia, growth retardation, mental development disorder after birth, postnatal 6 months are susceptible to iron deficiency anemia.

2. iron deficiency before delivery

If pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia, not only at the time of delivery will be all kinds of complications, the greater influence on the fetus, such as intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight, premature birth, stillbirth and neonatal death.

Pregnant women what to eat iron, iron cooking utensils, cooking food to help iron2

Four, can help iron absorption of food

1. meat

The general consumption of meat, no red meat (such as beef, lamb) or white meat (such as fish, chicken), as long as together with the consumption of high iron ingredients that can increase the absorption of iron effect.

2. vitamin C

Experts said, such as oranges, cherries, grapefruit, lemon and other fruits contain rich vitamin C, Mommy can in high iron foods eaten, can such fruit or collocation of natural fruit squeezed and no added sugar juice, is a good method to enhance iron absorption.

3. sugars

In general, brown sugar sugar fructose could promote iron absorption effect, but because of eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain, causing obesity, even cause gestational diabetes or hypertension, so experts advise pregnant moms, from cooking methods to be better, such as high iron ingredients for cooking. The sweet and sour way to avoid additional direct intake of sugar.

4. organic acids

Rich in citric acid, lactic acid and other organic acids, but also to promote iron absorption of the body a major focus, such as citrus lemon, tomatoes, grapefruit and other fruits, can be eaten with high-speed rail ingredients.