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Two major causes of polycystic ovary

1, Chom (1973) adrenal sprouting hypothesis that PCOS originated from the former Youth adrenal disease, namely when subjected to strong stress mesh with secretion of androgens, and in the gonads into estrone, feedback to cause HP axis GnRH-GnH release rhythm disorder, LH/FSH ratio increased, secondary causes increased ovarian androgen production. The adrenal gland and the secretion of male hormone induced common ovarian hormones into Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung hormone causes fibrosis in the ovary, thickening, inhibiting follicular development and eggs, resulting in cystic enlargement of the ovary and chronic anovulation.

2, genetic factors PCOS is an autosomal dominant inheritance, or X, a chain (linked) genetic or genetic mutations caused by the disease. Most patients had a karyotype of 46, XX, and some patients presented with chromosomal aberrations or mosaicism, such as 46, XX/45, XO, 46, XX/46, XXq, and 46, XXq.

After induction, leucorrhea and yellow are normal

Abnormal leucorrhea is usually caused by some gynecological diseases, but some women have leucorrhea normal, but due to induction of labor or after abortion caused by increased leucorrhea leucorrhea and yellow is not in the minority, this situation leads to abnormal leucorrhea also need treatment, is caused by bacterial infection during operation of vaginitis a.

Leucorrhea yellow mostly reproductive tract infection, inflammation, such as: vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis. These inflammation may be caused by bacteria, fungi, trichomonas and so on. Check leucorrhea routine and cervix, clear pathogeny, symptomatic treatment. Usually pay more attention to personal hygiene, underwear should be loose and breathable.

How does dysmenorrhoea do, fast acetanilide, dysmenorrhoea how to do, solve quickly?

How does dysmenorrhoea do quickly acetanilide? Dysmenorrhea how to do, quick solution? Dysmenorrhea is because women lose their bodies and they have more cold. Before and after menstruation or menstrual period, there are abdominal and lumbosacral pain, severe abdominal pain, severe, pale, cold hands and feet, and even fainting, known as dysmenorrhea, also known as menstrual pain”. The pain usually lasts for hours or L – 2 days, and the abdominal pain is relieved after the general circulation of the blood. The disease is more common among young women, is one of the common diseases of women. Chinese medicine believes that dysmenorrhea due to Qi and blood running sluggish or deficiency caused by Qi and blood. The common clinical with qi stagnation and blood stasis, Hanning uterus, Qi and blood deficiency, damp heat syndrome.

Rapid analgesic solution is taking fenbid. Usually pay attention to keeping warm, must not let the foot catch cold. Every four or five days before menstruation, drink two cups of brown sugar water every day, and adhere to the second days of menstruation. Believe that three or four months dysmenorrhea will be completely better

No, some people think that hot water bag hot compress to relieve pain in the abdomen, the physical person, can be used for hot tubs in hot springs or more than usual, each about one hour, when taking a bath and parumbilical (about palm width) of the massage, to improve pelvic blood circulation and blood stasis (congestion) eliminate, have a good effect. Only the menstrual period is not suitable for bath, this can be part of the thumb under the two finger of the umbilical (the most points), the general press ten to twenty minutes, can reduce or eliminate dysmenorrhea.

In addition to the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, the daily self regulation is also very important. The principle of self adjustment is to improve the physique and increase the resistance of the body. In view of this, we must pay attention to regular life, moderate exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep and pleasant mood in daily life.

How does dysmenorrhoea do, solve a soup to treat a method quickly, treat female dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhea is a major worry for women. How to treat dysmenorrhea has become a problem discussed by many female friends. How to treat female dysmenorrhoea? Light can be treated by diet, but heavy drugs are needed. Today, the women’s health network Xiaobian female dysmenorrhea friends recommend a few effective relief dysmenorrhea recipes, try it together!

Shenqi to chicken soup 30 grams of Radix Codonopsis, Astragalus 30 grams, angelica 20 grams, hen 1 (only to hair and viscera wash). Dangshen, astragalus, Angelica in the chicken belly, the fire after boiling stew. Season with salt, and drink meat soup 2 times a day.

Egg to egg 1 ginger, angelica 15 grams, ginger 5 grams, 15 grams of red dates (to core), 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, rice wine 220 ml. The Chinese angelica, ginger, dried orange peel boil for 30 minutes, to the residue, will beat the egg and rice wine, red dates into medicine juice, boil to rotten soup, eat red dates, jujube and egg.

Hawthorn, ginger, sugar, soup, hawthorn 15 grams, fresh ginger 20 grams, brown sugar 20 grams, water fried clothes, 1~2 times a day.

Tianqi Eggdrop Soup egg 2, 6 grams of ginseng (break), leaves 10 grams, 15 grams of ginger, boiled egg, cooked, remove the shell, and then placed in boiling. After boiling, drink the juice and eat the eggs 1 times a day.

Pig’s trotters, ginger soup, pig’s trotters 2, ginger 15 grams, GUI 6 grams. The pig’s trotters washed, each cut into four pieces, into the casserole, stir cooked. Pot into pots with ginger, Guangxi, water simmer to pig’s trotters Shulan, food.

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Fetal size is the most common dystocia problem

Pregnant woman

A few other reasons including baby dystocia hydrocephalus, fetal tumor, conjoined twins, giant baby and fetal position is not as hip downward, the forehead down after the pillow, and transverse position errors such as posture, will lead to difficulties in childbirth. However, due to medical technology advances, the use of ultrasound is ordinary, malposition of the problem can be accurately grasp in prenatal, significantly reduced the incidence of dystocia.

The treatment of four different types of dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a common female problem, where in the menstrual period or menstruation, occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen, or lumbosacral pain and other discomfort, severe nausea and vomiting, and even affect the work and daily life, called dysmenorrhea. Because of emotional depression, careless living, or six exopathic, resulting in Chongren Yuzu, or cold meridians, causing blood runs sluggish, uterus blood flow blocked, no pain, and menstrual pain. If the Qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, blood loss less refined, cell pulse, Chongren loss in Ruyang may cause dysmenorrhea. According to the clinical pain time, the nature and location, the degree of pain, with the menstrual cycle, volume, color, quality, and evidence, tongue and pulse and differentiate cold.

Qi and blood deficiency after 1 to 2 days, or menstrual abdominal pain, or abdominal pain, tenesmus and genitals, hi hi rub, menstruation, pale and thin, lassitude, a small, eat less loose stools, pale tongue, weak pulse. The Qi and blood for the treatment of pain, Shengyu decoction, ginseng (decocted), Angelica sinensis, radix rehmanniae, Millettia 15 grams, 30 grams of Astragalus, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Cyperi, Rhizoma Corydalis, licorice 9 grams, 18 grams of white peony, safflower 12 grams.

Liver and kidney deficiency after 1 ~ 2 days of abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain and soreness, the color is dim and the quantity is little, thin, dizziness and tinnitus, or hot flashes, thready pulse, thin white fur or thin yellow. By replenishing kidney and liver for the treatment of pain, regulating the liver decoction, Radix Angelicae sinensis, Fructus Corni, gelatin (Yang), Chinese yam, 12 grams of Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Cyperi, Morinda officinalis, Rehmannia 15 grams, 6 grams of licorice, medlar 30 grams, 9 grams paeonol.

Qi stagnation and blood stasis after the first 1 to 2 days, or menstrual abdominal pain, refused to press, menstruation, dark purple color with a blood clot, blood clots from pain, chest, breast pain, dark purple tongue, ecchymosis or petechia tongue, pulse string astringent. The liver qi, removing blood stasis and relieving pain for treatment, Gexia Zhuyu Decoction, Radix Angelicae sinensis, radix paeoniae rubra, Liu Jinu, Achyranthes 15 grams, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, peach kernel, safflower, Rhizoma Corydalis, Radix Linderae, Cyperus boninrousette, Fructus aurantii, paeonol 12 grams, 9 grams, 6 grams of licorice, Salvia 30 grams.

Cold damp stagnation through before, menstrual microgastropods Lengtong, according to the pain, pain reduction in the heat, menstruation, dark color, chills, loose stools, greasy tongue coating, tight pulse. Treatment for removing blood stasis, dispelling cold by warming and dampness, Shaofuzhuyu decoction, fennel, ginger, cinnamon 6 grams, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Corydalis, Atractylodes rhizome 9 grams, myrrh, radix paeoniae rubra, Radix Linderae, pollen Typhae, Wu Zhuyu, angelica, Poria 12 grams, 15 grams each.

Swelling and swelling of the breast is the main manifestation of hyperplasia of the breast

Hyperplasia of mammary glands accounts for more than 75% of all breast diseases. It is the most common type of breast disease. It occurs in women of any age after puberty. What does the symptom of mammary gland hyperplasia have? More early for breast swelling and pain, but some women often feel breast swelling, and dull pain, because there is no other discomfort, they generally do not go to medical treatment. Some people are naive to think that this can increase the beauty of women’s lines. As everyone knows, are likely to be swelling and pain

The clinical manifestations of breast hyperplasia in breast lumps, breast pain as the basic performance, approximately 80% of patients with breast pain, multiple bilateral, unilateral pain can be divided into the nature of pain, pain, pain, pain, pain or tenderness channeling. The performance of breast pain is often unstable, can increase before menstruation, but also often changes in mood, fatigue, weather changes. Breast lump is the main basis for diagnosis of breast disease. Most of them are multiple, the size of the tumor is different, the texture is hard or tough, the mass is not adhered to the skin, the surface of the lump is often smooth, and touch with a sense of particle. In addition to the above symptoms, some patients with nipple discharge and itching, swelling, pain, chest rib anorexia, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.

How to understand the leucorrhea routine inspection result?

The value of 1.pH after puberty because of ovarian sex hormone stimulation, the mucosal epithelial cells containing abundant animal starch, vaginal Lactobacillus decomposition into lactic acid, so that the vaginal secretions of weakly acidic, which can prevent the bacteria in the vagina propagation, which is used for vaginal self purification. When testing, commonly used pH value to indicate pH, normal pH is 4.5, with Trichomonas or bacterial vaginitis, leucorrhea pH value increases, may be greater than 5~6.

2. vaginal cleanliness can be divided into 4 grades:

Degree I: a large number of vaginal epithelial cells and a large number of vaginal bacteria were found under the microscope.

Second degree: microscopically, there are vaginal epithelial cells, a small number of white blood cells, some vaginal bacilli, a small number of miscellaneous bacteria or pus cells.

Third degree: microscopically, there are a small number of vaginal bacilli, a large number of pus cells and miscellaneous bacteria.

Fourth degree: no bacillus was found under the microscope, except for small amounts of epithelial cells, mainly pus cells and miscellaneous bacteria.

Note: the first to the second degree is normal, and the third to the fourth degree is abnormal leucorrhea, which indicates the symptoms of vaginitis.

12 types of food taboos for pregnant women

There are many vegetables can not be matched to eat together, otherwise it will cause a variety of different weight, adverse consequences, especially pregnant women must pay attention to this item, otherwise it will affect the next generation.

Pregnant women taboo food – seafood and beer

Seafood is a purine and glycoside containing two components of the food, and beer is rich in the decomposition of these two components of the important catalyst – vitamin B1.

If you eat seafood, drink beer, will promote the combination of harmful substances in the body, increase uric acid content in the human blood, thereby forming difficult to discharge urinary tract stones. Cao said that if the metabolism of their own problems, eating seafood when drinking beer easily lead to a sharp rise in blood uric acid levels, induced gout, resulting in gouty nephropathy, gouty arthritis and so on.

Pregnant women taboo food – eggs and soybean milk

Students Soybean Milk contain trypsin inhibitors, it can inhibit the activity of human protease, affect the digestion and absorption of protein in the human body, the sticky protein in egg white, with Soybean Milk in the combination of trypsin, hinder decomposition of protein, thereby reducing the body’s absorption of the protein ratio.

Pregnant women are forbidden food – milk and chocolate

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, chocolate contains oxalic acid, if the two mixed together to eat, the calcium in milk chocolate with the oxalate combined into a water-insoluble calcium oxalate, after eating not only absorption, diarrhea, dry hair and other symptoms will occur, affecting growth and development.

Pregnant women taboo food – fruit and seafood

Eating seafood at the same time, if you eat grapes, hawthorn, pomegranates, persimmons and other fruits, there will be vomiting, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on.

Taboo foods for pregnant women – ham and lactic acid drinks

Often eat yogurt for breakfast sandwiches collocation people to be careful, sandwich ham, Bacon and lactic acid drinks (containing organic acid) with food, easy to cause cancer. In order to preserve processed meats such as sausages, ham, Bacon and bacon, the food manufacturers added nitrates to prevent food spoilage and botulism. When nitrates meet organic acids (lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, etc.), they turn into a carcinogenic substance nitrosamines. Dr. Cao suggests not to eat this kind of processing meat frequently, certainly must avoid and the acid and alkali quality low food eats together, in order to avoid increases the cancer risk.

Pregnant women taboo food – potatoes do not burn beef

Potato roast beef, because these two kinds of food digestion required gastric acid concentration is different, will prolong the food in the stomach of the retention time, and elongated gastrointestinal digestion and absorption time, cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Forbidden foods for pregnant women – spinach and tofu

Tofu contains magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate these two substances, while spinach contains oxalic acid, two kinds of food encountered together can produce Magnesium Oxalate and calcium oxalate. These two white precipitate can not be absorbed by the body, not only affect the body to absorb calcium, but also susceptible to lithiasis. The doctor suggests that if both can be eaten separately, nutritional absorption will be better.

Forbidden foods for pregnant women — radish and orange

Radish will produce an anti thyroid substances thiocyanate, if you eat a lot of oranges, apples, grapes and other fruits, fruit flavonoids in the intestinal bacteria will be decomposed into the role of inhibition of thyroid thiocyanate, then induced goiter.

Pregnant women taboo food – tofu chalota

The calcium in tofu and the oxalic acid in green onions combine to form a white precipitate – calcium oxalate, which causes the body’s absorption of calcium.

Pregnant women taboo food – soy milk, fried eggs

The mucinous proteins in eggs bind to trypsin in soy milk and lose the nutritional value of the two.

Pregnant women taboo food – boiled eggs with tea

In addition to alkaloids in tea, there are acidic substances, these compounds and iron in eggs combined, stimulating the stomach, and is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

Pregnant women taboo food – scrambled eggs, monosodium glutamate

As the egg itself contains many MSG and glutamate the same ingredients, so scrambled eggs, MSG, not only increased the umami, but will destroy and cover up the natural flavor of eggs.

Other unsuitable food

And pork + water chestnut, cause stomach pain;

Liquor + persimmon, cause poisoning;

• beef + chestnuts cause vomiting;

Onions + honey, hurt your eyes;

Lamb + watermelon, breaking vitality;

Radish + fungus will suffer dermatitis;

Bananas + taro can cause bloating;

– peanut + Cucumber, will shangshen;

Soft shelled turtle + amaranth will be poisoned;

Radish + fruit can cause goiter;

Shrimp + vitamin C can cause arsenic poisoning

What are the signs of a pregnant woman before delivery?

Pregnant for thirty-seven weeks or after the fetus is in full term, one or two weeks ago to the production, there will be some signs of labor, it might mean going into labor, what is the sign before delivery?

I feel relaxed

At this point, the head falls into the pelvic cavity, and the expectant mother will feel smoother and easier to eat. The average primipara will begin to feel this way two weeks before birth, but not necessarily in the parturients. But the fetal head may produce maternal oppression bladder, urinary frequency.

I see red

Before or during the contraction of the uterus, the vagina may flow out of some mixed, mucous, red or dark red blood like secretions, mainly caused by thinning of the cervix and softening of the blood vessels. In general the amount of bleeding is not too much, not to be hospitalized immediately expectant; unless the occurrence of vaginal bleeding, said there are other critical events, such as placenta, placental abruption, only need immediate medical attention.

Pseudo labor pains

A few days ago to production, there will be irregular uterine contraction, lower abdominal pain condition, a start time interval may be 20 minutes after more and more irregular, the mother can help walking, rest pain. This pain does not cause dilatation of the cervix, so it is called false labor, indicating that it is still some time before the actual production.