Is it possible for a woman to have sex after she is pregnant?

Pregnancy is a short period of time in a woman’s long life, but for her husband it is a hard time. In the past few years, many male stars in the entertainment industry have been unfaithful to their wives during pregnancy, which has also brought a lot of personality to many pregnant women.

After the pregnancy of women, the sexual life between husband and wife can not be as arbitrary as in the past, and do not pay attention to, may cause miscarriage and other consequences. Is it possible for a woman to have sex after she is pregnant? What is the safest sex life after a few months?

Is it possible for a woman to have sex after she is pregnant?1

Is a woman still able to have sex after she’s pregnant?

Can a woman have sex after she is pregnant?

The first 3 months of pregnancy, on the one hand because the placenta has not yet mature, connecting the placenta and uterine wall is not tight, on the other hand, insufficient progesterone secretion, can not give strong embryo maintenance, sexual life at this time, may cause abortion.

Generally speaking, 4 to 7 months pregnant, you can go to the same room. In the second trimester, the placenta has been formed, the pregnancy is more stable, the morning sickness has passed, sexual desire has increased, and sexual life has been allowed to moderate. But not too often, about half a month or 20 days at a time. During pregnancy, sexual activities should be taken without the pressure of the abdomen, such as the normal position of the arms of the husband, the overlapping position of the abdomen or the position of the expansion, and the relaxation of the movements and the avoidance of severe stimulation.

Reminder: if women because of premature birth received treatment during pregnancy, or other problems have emerged, such as cervical shortening or expansion, the outflow of amniotic fluid, placenta previa, vaginal bleeding, abortion history, we must first ask the doctor whether during pregnancy.

Two, late pregnancy why not sexual life?

In the later stages of pregnancy, the uterus sensitivity increases and the fetus begins to decrease. Any external stimulation, even mild shocks, can cause contractions of the uterus, which can cause the mouth to open and cause bacterial infection, resulting in premature rupture of membranes, premature delivery, and intrauterine infection. Experts pointed out: for the mother and child health, absolutely prohibited sexual love. Couples can use kisses and hugs to convey love, increase communication, and increase feelings.

Three, the benefits of sexual life in the second trimester

Moderate sexual life in the second trimester is conducive to conjugal love and healthy development of the fetus. Studies at home and abroad show that pregnant couples feel harmonious and affectionate, pregnant women feel happy, can effectively promote the growth and development of the fetus, children born fast response, language development, and good health. But life is not The more, the better., shall make reasonable arrangements, on sex positions and frequency to pay attention, to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

Is it possible for a woman to have sex after she is pregnant?2

Is a woman still able to have sex after she’s pregnant?

Four. Attention to sexual life during pregnancy

1., vaginal discharge increased during pregnancy, resistance decreased, before intercourse, both sides of the couple should wash the vulva, adhere to clean.

2., close contact time before intercourse, the husband can touch the clitoris and labia, but do not put your finger into the vagina, to prevent harm to the vagina, constitute a bacterial infection.

3. pay attention to sexual intercourse posture, prevent abdominal pressure, should prevent the attitude: force posture, riding posture and knee elbow position.

4., sexual intercourse time, intensity should be appropriate, the action should be relaxed, to prevent excessive influence; the duration of the corresponding shortening (1-3 minutes).


Do you know the risk of endocrine disorders in women?

Why is endocrine normal so important for women’s health? Let’s first take a look at what endocrine is. Endocrine is the regulator of human physiological function, it plays a role in human body by secreting hormone. For example, when bacteria enter the body, thymosin will automatically increase secretion to fight germs; women’s menstrual periods also increase progesterone, while estrogen decreases correspondingly. But if for some reasons, endocrine hormone secretion caused by excessive or too little, metabolic dysfunction, will cause endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders. These diseases not only harm the beauty of women, but also harm women’s physical and mental health.

We may not be unfamiliar with endocrine disorders. A recent medical examination, the doctor told you breast lumps; originally beautiful face is being acne and spots emerge in an endless stream harassment; monthly old friends can not touch the law, only to remember the dysmenorrhea brought impressive pain…… Have these symptoms been noticed by you?

Endocrine disorders threaten women’s health

After the age of 25, the physical condition began to decline. Many problems that have not been encountered before, such as facial chloasma, breast lumps and uterine fibroids, have all appeared in succession. According to the statistics, the prevalence rate of facial melasma, freckles and young and middle-aged women is 28.2%. Among them, 27.5% to 31% of patients suffer from uterine fibroids, breast lumps, ovarian cysts or gynecological diseases. In women over the age of 30, the prevalence of breast lumps is as high as 38.8% to 49.3%, and breast lumps can be converted into breast cancer. And the morbidity of uterine fibroids is as high as 20%, women may have to remove part or the entire uterus, infertility, and even into cancer. In a recent survey, the disorder caused by endocrine disorders is developing toward a younger age, and teenage girls have become targets of endocrine disorders.

What factors affect your breast size?

The mammary gland is the target organ of many endocrine hormones. Therefore, the growth and development of mammary gland and its various physiological functions depend on the interaction of various endocrine hormones. If one or several of the hormone secretion disorder, or the imbalance between hormones, will necessarily directly or indirectly affect the breast condition and its physiological function.

At puberty, prolactin interaction between estrogen and progesterone and other hormones, can promote breast development; during pregnancy can make breast full development, the development of terminal duct lobular breast into small acini, prepare for lactation. Estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy of suppression of lactation prolactin; after delivery, rapid decline in the level of estrogen and progesterone, relieved the inhibitory effect on the secretion of prolactin and prolactin, also increased the amount of lactation of breast. Since then, with the establishment of regular lactation, the baby constantly sucking the nipple and reflex, stimulating the anterior pituitary secretion of prolactin, so that lactation can be maintained for months to years. The secretion of prolactin is regulated by hypothalamic prolactin suppression factor and prolactin releasing factor and other hormones.

The secretion of levodopa and bromocriptine and other drugs can inhibit prolactin; thyrotropin releasing hormone, 5- serotonin and some drugs (such as reserpine, chlorpromazine) can promote secretion of prolactin; small doses of estrogen and progesterone can promote the secretion of pituitary prolactin secretion, and high dose of estrogen and progesterone can inhibit prolactin.

What are the early symptoms of meningococcal meningitis vaccine to fight what time

As you all know, spring is a high season for all kinds of Ji Bin. Among the people who suffer from the disease, young children are the object of their attention because of their poor immunity and resistance.

Meningitis is a multiple of the disease incidence in children in spring, the rate is very high, so parents must pay attention to disease prevention. This paper introduces the related knowledge of disease epidemic to everybody, let’s take a look.

What are the early symptoms of meningococcal meningitis vaccine to fight what time1

What are the early symptoms of meningitis

First, the symptoms of meningitis

Early symptoms: fever, sore throat, cough and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.

Late symptoms include severe headache, frequent vomiting, mania, and meningeal irritation. Blood pressure can rise and pulse slows down. In severe cases, delirium, mental disorders, and convulsions.

Two, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis and other similar diseases identification

1. toxic type bacillary dysentery is mainly seen in children, the onset season in summer and autumn, the short term high fever, convulsions, coma, shock, respiratory failure and other symptoms, but no petechiae, normal CSF examination, was diagnosed by fecal bacterial culture.

2. other purulent meningitis in invasive way can preliminary difference, based mostly pneumococcal meningitis secondary to pneumonia, otitis media, staphylococcal meningitis occurs mostly in the course of staphylococcal septicemia; gram negative bacilli meningitis occurred in brain after surgery; Hemophilus influenzae meningitis occurred in infants; Pseudomonas aeruginosa meningitis is often secondary to lumbar puncture, anesthesia, angiography or surgery.

3. the seasonality of epidemic encephalitis B in 7 ~ September, brain damage, coma, convulsions, rare, generally no skin petechiae, cerebrospinal fluid is clarified, the cell number in most of the following 500/mm, sugar and protein were normal or slightly higher, normal immunological tests such as chloride, specific IgM, and covered the test etc. help to identify.

4., acute meningitis, septicemia, typhoid fever, lobar pneumonia and other acute infection patients, when severe toxemia can occur, meningeal irritation sign, but the cerebrospinal fluid in addition to the pressure slightly increased, but all the rest are normal.

Adults see more, 5. subarachnoid hemorrhage, sudden onset, severe headache, followed by severe coma, temperature often does not rise, but no obvious signs of meningeal irritation, skin mucosa petechia, ecchymosis, no obvious symptoms of poisoning, bloody cerebrospinal fluid, cerebral angiography can found aneurysms, vascular malformations change.

Three, the epidemic spread way

It’s spread through the respiratory tract. Cough carriers or patients, speech, sneeze spread in the air, inhaled the health with meningococcal meningitis infection is likely to air. With shaking hands, hugging and kissing carriers or patients may also have close contact with meningococcal infection. In addition, the source of infection of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis are carriers and patients, patients are infectious in 10 days after infection.

What are the early symptoms of meningococcal meningitis vaccine to fight what time2

What are the early symptoms of meningitis

Four, the incidence of meningitis

Carriers and patients are the source of the disease. Through coughing, sneezing, and spreading to others through air droplets, the population is generally susceptible, and adolescents and children are more likely to develop the disease. The disease is prevalent in spring and winter, and it is the peak in 3—4 months each year. The disease is of high incidence and high risk. It is an infectious disease that seriously endangers the health of children.

A meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine is mainly used for the June age – 18 month old child; group A+C meningococcal vaccine for more than 2 years of age in children and adults, children under the age of 2 in endemic areas can emergency vaccination.

Five, prevention of meningococcal meningitis

(1) vaccination;

In most parts of China are meningitis epidemic in the region, so the vaccine has been included in the planned immunization program in China, every child must become vaccination. The vaccination is carried out before the winter and winter approaches each year. In accordance with the provisions of 10 infants during the 12 months of the first vaccine inoculation, vaccination needs 2 times to complete the basic immunization, 2 times between the interval of 15 – 30 days.

(two) other

1. close contacts of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, medication should be timely prevention. Preventive medication should be conducted under the guidance of a doctor.

2. indoor often open windows, ventilation, wet cleaning, and maintain good environmental hygiene.

3. good personal protection, wear masks, away from the patient, pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to rest, pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold, exercise, enhance physical fitness, diet.

4. don’t visit meningitis patients or suspected patients, to the patient’s home channeling the door, really need to visit, should wear a face mask, and wash hands immediately after the visit.

5., as far as possible less crowded, air circulation of the place.

6. have fever, headache, cough and other symptoms, should go to regular hospital as soon as possible.

Several problems needing attention in nutritional supplementation at the end of pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy will pay attention to nutrition intake, to protect the health of maternal and fetal health growth, but in late pregnancy due to delivery, pregnant women will focus on nutritional supplements this problem. So what should I pay attention to at the end of pregnancy? Women in the late pregnancy supplements should pay attention to the following matters:

First, pay attention to supplementary heat energy

In late pregnancy, maternal metabolism will speed up the organization will increase, also in the rapid growth of the fetus and the fetus, also began in the subcutaneous and liver glycogen and fat storage, so in late pregnancy pregnant women should pay attention to add the appropriate supplementary heat. It should be noted that the energy supplement should pay attention to from the increased protein intake of fat and carbohydrate supplement, but not too much, otherwise can produce macrosomia, influence after childbirth.

Two, increase protein intake

In late pregnancy pregnant women should pay attention to the proper increase of protein intake, energy supplement on the one hand, on the one hand help maternal and fetal protein in vivo, the last 10 weeks of pregnancy is a period of most protein storage.

Three, pay attention to calcium intake

In late pregnancy when maternal and fetal calcium will be more than other times during pregnancy, calcium supplements help prevent pregnancy occurrence of pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome in late pregnancy fetal tooth and bone calcification is accelerating and requires a lot of calcium, the fetus is close to 50% calcium are stored in the last two of pregnancy month, in late pregnancy should pay attention to the proper intake of calcium supplement.

Four, pay attention to vitamin D intake

Late pregnancy if the lack of vitamin D, will not only lead to osteomalacia of the mother bone, but also can cause fetal or neonatal bone calcification and dental development defects and other problems, and even lead to congenital rickets.

What should be paid attention to in the late stage of supplementary nutrition? The above is the Guangzhou women’s Hospital experts introduced some of this, I hope to help you. If you still have any questions, you can consult your gynecologist online.

A handbook for pregnancy emergencies; a self compiled pregnancy emergency manual for College Students

Recently, an article by college students according to their own experience to write out the post pregnancy emergency manual “quickly became popular in the forum posts, how to deal with the emergency because of the details within 2 days after pregnancy, click on the broken million, was friends known as the textbook version of” pregnant emergency manual”.

Pregnant girls, some, accidental injury, can not be avoided, and some are mistakes caused by their ignorance. At this point, scolding is not the best way to repair a broken youth, but how to deal with the termination of pregnancy and minimize the harm is the top priority.

1. signs of pregnancy

Cessation of menstruation. May I menarche girls, menstruation is not law, but if the menstruation has rules, to the day did not come, and have had the opposite sex sexual contact, sexual intercourse or other ejaculation (sperm can survive in vitro for 2 to 3 hours) should be vigilant.

Secondly, the breast in a short time to become larger, a little later, there will be frequent urination, rising body temperature phenomenon. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, greasy oil may occur three to five months after conception.

2. test method

If you have any doubts, don’t be afraid, you can test yourself first. With pregnancy test paper, to the regular pharmacies to buy, is a urine sample inspection, so do not have to worry about. The accuracy of the test paper is relatively high, but it is not foolproof, so we need to go to the hospital for further examination. To the hospital for examination, but also urine test and B type ultrasonic examination, rest assured that there will be no harm.

3. psychological preparation

Relax and relax. Don’t panic, don’t be afraid. This is not a disease, pregnancy is in fact a physiological phenomenon, just the time of occurrence is inappropriate. So, you have to choose the medical term for termination of pregnancy. In our words, abortion is called.

First of all, calm down. Don’t hide alone, sad and sad. Seek help from someone you trust most. I suggest mother, although this thing will make her sad, but mother is the most reliable friend, first of all, she loves you most, secondly, she is adult, know how to deal with it properly, can hurt the minimum. If it’s really tough, find your best friend and ask her to go to her mother or elder and help you indirectly.

Secondly, be brave. No matter how this thing has happened, if the damage from the accident, it is just a way of life of a minor setback, you should bravely face the future, there is a long way to go, there are many good things waiting for you, isn’t it? If you are wrong, assume the error is, everyone should have more, Zhicuojiugai, or a good girl. What’s more, only by choosing abortion can you minimize sex damage.

Reporter login Huasheng soon found this forum hot posts, click on a few days has exceeded 40 thousand, nearly a thousand people thread. Posted small secluded claim to this year facing graduation, because of repeated pregnancy abortion, write their own experience, hope after pregnancy did not dare tell his family did not know what to do users can learn emergency treatment to avoid bodily harm. The post is introduced to note from pregnancy through various parts of the operation, and upload a single stream of people operation fee settlement, introduces how collocation operation cost will not be deceived. A large number of users in the post say they want to download and save it, because that’s what the teacher won’t teach you. Posting people have therefore been net friend “experience” sister”.

The forum posts in the first, users quickly reproduced to the end of the world, such as forum website, and sparked netizens crazy flesh. According to the posts mentioned in the “Mount Yuelu”, “professional dance” and some business name, “sister experience” was quickly locked for Changsha Lushan South Road, an art college. She believes that the ideal people hospital soon netizens Huasheng according to upload documents of settlement is Changsha discharged flesh out the anzhen maternity hospital, and according to the number of single ticket, found “experience of sister mami.

The reporter then contacted the hospital An Zhen Hospital, director of the office of the leaf match told reporters that the bill is indeed Huasheng forum anzhen maternity hospital statement, according to the ticket number can be found in the morning of June 24th registered, stream of people operation has left the hospital after noon. But after the Spring Festival, An Zhen Hospital registered stream of people surgery has more than 800 people, and detailed information has been sealed hospital, can not be retrieved. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the foreign economic college professor, senior psychologist Xu Jun. He said that the current government education sector “sex education” is still “half veiled”, the lack of proper access to sexual knowledge of College students. Therefore, rather than embarrassed, it is better to let it go.

The symptom after be pregnant – can you be pregnant after coming menstruation?

What are the symptoms after pregnancy? Is a woman menstruating when she is pregnant? A woman’s stop is one sign of pregnancy. So, you can say correctly, after the woman is pregnant, won’t come menstruation. Is menstruation is because the body of the unfertilized egg, the egg will be excreted after the death of the formation of menstruation, and after pregnancy, the egg is growing, not death, so naturally not excreted, there will be no menstruation, so there will be no menstruation!

Of course, the symptoms of pregnancy include the four main symptoms besides menopause:

1. breasts become larger and more sensitive

One of the early signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness, sensitive, this is because your hormone levels increase caused by pain. This is very similar to you before menstruation feeling, just a little more intense. This discomfort after you 3 months of pregnancy will be significantly improved, then your body has adapted to the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

2. fatigue

You will suddenly feel tired, even feel exhausted? No one knows fatigue in early pregnancy is caused by what, however, a rapid increase in the level of progesterone (also called progesterone) may make you feel very sleepy. Once in mid pregnancy, you will start to feel more full of energy than in early pregnancy, but to pregnancy, fatigue usually will appear again. Because, when your weight will increase significantly, pregnancy and common discomfort will affect your quality of sleep at night.

3. nausea or vomiting

If you’re like most women, probably after your pregnancy morning sickness in a month will appear. (a few lucky women are not throughout pregnancy appear this kind of symptoms. However, there is also a part of women before, will start to feel sick. Morning sickness, not only in the morning, at noon or in the evening is likely to happen.

Almost half of the women have morning sickness beginning in the second trimester, will no longer appear nausea, vomiting phenomenon. Most of the rest of the women may also need to last about 1 months time, morning sickness will be reduced.

4. is more sensitive to odors

If you just be pregnant soon, you could not stand cooking fumes or the smell of tea, and some fragrance will make you sick. Although no one can be certain, but it may be due to your body caused by the rapid increase of estrogen. You may find that those who you love to eat, suddenly it will make you sick.

Car sickness sickness, nausea, vomiting, how to do, how to prevent car sickness when the child rides?

In daily travel process, a lot of people will be confronted with the problem of motion sickness. But the most annoying motion sickness is not their own motion sickness, but the child motion sickness.

After all, the child is a piece of meat falling out of his body, to see the child so uncomfortable, when the mother’s desire to be able to motion sickness for him. How can that relieve the discomfort of car sickness in children? Hurry up with Xiao Bian to see it.

Car sickness sickness, nausea, vomiting, how to do, how to prevent car sickness when the child rides?1

How about sickness sickness and nausea vomiting in children?

How about sickness sickness and nausea vomiting in children?

1. window ventilation, keep the air fresh

If you are doing a long-distance bus, you’d better try to choose a light and bumpy position. If you are driving, you can open the window properly so that the air will flow.

In addition, you should pay attention to remove the smell of the car, do not smoke, and do not use the perfume of great flavor.

Car sickness sickness, nausea, vomiting, how to do, how to prevent car sickness when the child rides?2

How about sickness sickness and nausea vomiting in children?

2. vomiting is too serious, stop to rest for a while

If you are driving, you should try to shorten the journey time, stop the rest at the service station, let the children get out of the car, walk around and breathe the fresh air.

3. let children smell orange peel, ginger

In the car, let the children smell fresh orange peel, ginger, can relieve children sickness, nausea, vomiting symptoms.

4. children pressing Hegu

Press the baby Hegu properly once the baby is carsick, Hegu in place between the thumb and index finger.

Prevention of car sickness in children

1. rub balm on the navel eye

Swab dipped in a little Huoxiangzhengqi water on children with cotton in front of the car’s navel, and put a piece of Shangshizhitong plaster, or put ginger sticking in the navel, ginger not only weak effect on traditional anti carsickness drug, but will not produce adverse reactions be sleepy straws etc..

Note: syrup must be a small amount, otherwise it may stimulate the child’s delicate skin, causing side effects.

Car sickness sickness, nausea, vomiting, how to do, how to prevent car sickness when the child rides?3

How about sickness sickness and nausea vomiting in children?

2. posted carsick stickers

Now there is a patch for children’s motion sickness. It is divided into two parts. They are attached to the back of the child’s ear before the bus. It’s very effective and worth a try.

3. before going to the car, diet should be light, moderate diet

Take the child before the car can not empty stomach, it is best to eat 2 hours in advance, food should be light.

Don’t eat too much before you take your child. Otherwise, the food expands in your stomach, which affects your brain’s blood supply and oxygen supply. It can also cause motion sickness.

Car sickness sickness, nausea, vomiting, how to do, how to prevent car sickness when the child rides?4

How about sickness sickness and nausea vomiting in children?

4. don’t eat flatulence when you’re in the car

On the way, do not give children to eat peanuts, red dates and other flatulence food, you can let children eat Hawthorn slices, fruit juice, yogurt and other easy to digest food.

5. keep your children happy when you are on the bus

Mood is also a great impact on the motion sickness, try not to scold the child before the bus and the car, so that children have negative emotions. Otherwise, the child crying, sick people are more likely to.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg

The blood in our blood vessels and lymph systems does not flow and cycle itself, but because of the heart, the pressure pump works day and night without stopping. The so-called blood pressure is that the body’s blood is transported to all parts of the body need pressure, blood pressure is too high, too low, are not conducive to human health.

If the blood pressure is too high it will appear flustered, shortness of breath, dizziness and other adverse phenomenon, the need for regulation as soon as possible. This article recommends several refreshing and delicious antihypertensive fruits to you, and hopes to be helpful to everyone’s health.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg1

What fruit does hypertensive patient eat well?

First, antihypertensive fruit

1. fresh plum

Fresh plum rich in acid, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid and other nutrients, high blood pressure, dizziness and insomnia, night sleep, stewed plum 3 desirable vintage, (i.e., ebony and water heating, fire, stewing and boiling water), add appropriate amount of braise, blood pressure, sleep, heat fluid effect.

2. lemons

Lemon rich in vitamin C, can enhance the elasticity and toughness of blood vessels, relieve calcium ions, thereby effectively promoting blood coagulation, prevention and treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases

3. kiwi fruit

To say that hypertensive patients antihypertensive fruit, the first choice of kiwi can not be, also known as “kiwi fruit.””. Kiwi flavor sour, Gan, cold, and whole fruit or juice, you can heat, water, scattered stasis, blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, swelling, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol. For people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis, eating kiwis can help control blood pressure.

4. bananas

Bananas can provide the body with potassium lowering blood pressure, and can boost and damage the sodium content of the blood vessel is very low. Urine potassium increased, decreased blood pressure, especially in primary hypertension, effects of potassium on blood pressure greater than the sodium ion, potassium sodium restriction, on the prevention and treatment of hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage have obvious pertinence.

5. apples

Apple is known as the “king of fruits”, its high nutritional value, contains a variety of vitamins, sugars, pectin, inorganic salt, malic acid, citric acid, tannic acid and cellulose kai. For patients with high blood pressure, apple is rich in potassium salts, it can combine with the body’s sodium salt, so that the latter out of the body, for the prevention of cardiovascular disease plays an important role. In addition, Apple also has to prevent the increase in blood cholesterol, reducing blood sugar content and so on.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg2

What fruit does hypertensive patient eat well?

6. oranges

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, citrate and glucose in more than 10 kinds of nutrients. Cause of chronic hepatitis, hypertension, eat tangerine can improve liver detoxification function, accelerate the transformation of cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis. After eating an orange often, can increase appetite, eliminate high blood pressure caused by digestive dysfunction.

7. watermelon

Watermelon contains a variety of nutrients, for high blood pressure, there is a good, effective treatment. Methods: take the watermelon watermelon skin 9 ~ 12g, cassia 9g, tea, the curative effect is good. Watermelon inside the watermelon kernel is also a diuretic antihypertensive drugs. Watermelon with a natural white tiger soup “, also known as winter melon, so physical deficiency, can not eat.

Two, diet notice of hypertension patients

1. eat less eggs

Eggs contain high cholesterol, unfit for high blood pressure patients, of which the yolk contains cholesterol is 2000 times the protein, so even eat eggs, try to eat less yolk.

2. diet should be abstemious

Meals three times a day, quantitative, do not overeat, eat eight points full is appropriate. High blood pressure patients should be in the diet to eat some of the food can reduce blood pressure, such as: black fungus, water chestnuts, celery, gourd, mung beans, watermelon skin, lotus seeds, heart, etc..

3., diet should be light

Vegetarian food can make the blood pressure decrease, hypertension patients should eat coarse grains, Cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, bean products, lean meat, fish, chicken and other foods, eat less animal fat and greasy food, eat less sugar, tea, coffee and other irritating food.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg3

What fruit does hypertensive patient eat well?

4. eat more vegetables

Many hypertensive friends have such experience, eat celery has good therapeutic efficacy of lowering blood pressure, because both the potassium, calcium and magnesium, all in green leafy vegetables, celery and green leafy vegetables is indeed representative of lowering blood pressure. Usually more dark green vegetables, potassium, calcium and magnesium content is higher, the same vegetable, leaves color deeper than the stem, the natural ingredients are also higher content, eat celery must be eaten along with the leaves.

5. eat more beans

Whether the red bean, mung bean, soybean, black bean, kidney bean, as long as the beans are rich in potassium, soy products tofu are rich in calcium and magnesium, therefore, tofu is hypertensive patients should eat food every day. Adults 200~300 grams / day is appropriate. The red bean, mung bean, kidney bean, oats, millet, collocation of rice corn and other cereal grains made of Steamed Rice, rice pudding, bean soup, bean soup, very good.

6. limit the amount of salt

Controlling sodium intake is beneficial to lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, and cooking salt should be reduced in the diet. It should be more than 6G per person per day. Eat more potassium, calcium rich and low sodium foods, potassium rich foods are: potatoes, taro, eggplant, lettuce, seaweed, watermelon, melon, citrus etc.. Calcium rich foods: milk, yogurt, dried small shrimps, sesame, green vegetables.

7. quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are risk factors for hypertension. People who prefer tobacco and alcohol are more likely to develop hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and tobacco and alcohol can also reduce the sensitivity of hypertensive patients to drugs.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones in children?

In the period of time after the Sanlu milk powder containing melamine, in infants caused by eating this milk powder led to kidney stones. Now many parents are worried that their children are also very worried, so many people go to the hospital to check. So what are the symptoms of kidney stones in children? The following main aspects: 1, urinary stones can be discharged, such as baby stone blocking urethra may display for urination and dysuria; 2, hypertension, edema, kidney area percussion pain.

3, unexplained crying, especially when urinating, vomiting with; 4, obstructive acute renal failure, showed little or no urine;