What is the main symptom of cervicitis?

What is palace neck phlogistic, what does the symptom of palace neck phlogistic show? Cervicitis is one of the most common gynecological diseases, most of which occur in women who have sex. Cervicitis is divided into two kinds of acute and chronic, acute cervicitis often with acute endometritis or acute vaginitis at the same time, but chronic cervicitis is more common.

Chronic cervicitis more than childbirth, abortion or surgery after the injury to the cervix, pathogens invasion and infection. Chronic cervicitis has many kinds of manifestations. If palace neck debaucjed, palace neck hypertrophy, palace neck polyp, palace neck gland cyst, among them, palace neck debaucjed is most see.

The main symptom of chronic cervicitis is increased leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is milky white mucus, and sometimes yellow or pus like, accompanied by polyp formation, can produce bloody leucorrhea or bleeding after intercourse. When inflammation spreads to pelvic cavity, can have lumbar ministry ache, bilge bilges and dysmenorrhoea. These symptoms increase before and after menstruation, defecation, and sexual intercourse. Sometimes accompanied by frequent urination, dysuria, irregular menstruation, infertility, etc..

The main symptom of acute cervicitis is increasing leucorrhea. Acute cervicitis leucorrhea purulent, with lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain or frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, bladder irritation. Chronic cervicitis leucorrhea is milky white or yellowish purulent mucus shape; severe cervical erosion or cervical polyp, a bloody leukorrhea or bleeding after intercourse. Light person can not have systemic symptoms, when inflammation along the uterus, sacrum ligament diffuse to pelvic cavity, can have lumbosacral pain, lower abdominal distension feeling and dysmenorrhea, every bowel movement, sexual intercourse aggravating. In addition, sticky purulent leucorrhea is not conducive to pass through, but also can cause infertility.

In addition, cervical erosion is closely related to cervical cancer. Patients suffering from cervical erosion, the incidence of cervical cancer is much higher than those without cervical erosion, so they should be actively treated when suffering from cervical erosion.

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