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The scorching summer crystal refused vaginitis to find the door of the 4 Tips

Has been one of the gynecological disease vaginitis that women are the most frequently encountered, especially in the hot summer, the slightest mistake will make all kinds of vaginitis can take advantage of. In order to make healthy summer women’s health network Xiaobian recommend, in this hot summer, do the following four note, can effectively resist “outside vaginitis”.

1. Get plenty of sleep

Ensure adequate sleep every day, do not stay up late, otherwise it will reduce the body’s resistance to disease. Pay attention to sex life frequency, sexual life more than 3 times a week, urinary tract infection rate increased greatly, in the summer of this special stage should reduce the number of.

2, cleaning order

Regular cleaning of the vulva and anus, cleaning should pay attention to the order, first wash the vulva, and then wash the anus, must not go the opposite way; towels and basins to hand special, otherwise bacteria are easy to invade the urethra.

3. Vulva Lotion

Female friends must buy regular manufacturers of products, so as not to inferior products to destroy the normal flora of the human body, but to reduce local resistance. Buy sanitary napkins should pay attention to product quality, and should not be kept for a long time, so as not to breed bacteria, causing genital and vaginal infections, when there are itching vulvae, leucorrhea symptoms, should go to see a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Wash your hands before going to bed

The survey found that people’s hands, there are a large number of pathogenic microorganisms such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, they may be infected by the solution to this link into the urethra, so to develop good health habits is very important.

Unmarried female mycotic vaginitis why refractory

The treatment of fungal vaginitis in unmarried young women is indeed a little tricky. Because the patient is unmarried, gynecologist can not use the device to check the inflammatory characteristics of the vaginal mucosa, nor can the effect of drugs into the vagina deep to kill mildew, can only be smoked wash, painted some Clotrimazole Ointment outside the vagina. But this medicine can not kill the mold of the vagina. This is why these patients have long failed to work. If she has sexual life and agrees to examine the vagina, she can be given 3% sodium bicarbonate solution and nystatin for a total of 10 days and instructed her to go home and take the medicine herself. Every night before bedtime with 3% sodium bicarbonate solution or vaginal washing bath, dry, then nystatin suppositories 1 grains (100 thousand units) sent to the vagina deep. Once a night, for 10 days. Because nystatin is a specific drug, it is also the main part of the process of mold reproduction and inflammation, so the effect is excellent. After a course of treatment, it will recover.

Why is not pregnant pregnant women from abnormal ovulation infertility cause exploration

Pregnancy is a very complex physiological process, must have all the conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of pregnancy. First, normal eggs and sperm are needed, followed by unimpeded reproductive tract, including the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. The egg and sperm must be seen in the fallopian tube through the reproductive tract, or fertilization. The fertilized egg is like a seed that is transported from the fallopian tube to the uterus cavity and grown in the soft soil of the lining of the uterus. A new life was born.

Ovulation is an important part of the process. Women of childbearing age produce eggs every month. If the menstrual cycle is 28 days, the ovulation period of normal women is usually fourteenth to 16 days during the menstrual cycle. According to statistics, 10% of couples of childbearing age suffer from infertility, among whom female ovulation dysfunction accounts for 30% to 40%. Ovulation abnormality is the most common cause of infertility in women. The normal ovarian cycle is so complex that very small changes can break the normal cycle and inhibit ovulation. If women can’t produce eggs, there’s no way to get pregnant.

Development and ovulation of eggs

First of all, we should briefly understand the mechanism of ovulation. Establishment of normal ovulation cycle requires normal function of hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis. It is a complete and coordinated neuroendocrine system that regulates and influences each other, controlling female development, normal menstruation, and sexual functioning. The hypothalamus is like a command, the secretion of gonadotropin releasing hormone, which is ordered to the pituitary gonadotrophin secretion and ovarian gonadotropin received instruction after the secretion of estrogen and progestin induce follicular maturation and ovulation. Dysfunction or organic lesions of any part of the system can cause temporary or prolonged anovulation. According to statistics, in the ovulation disorders, thalamus dysfunction accounted for 38%, pituitary diseases accounted for 17%, ovarian dysfunction accounted for about 45%. Therefore, although ovulation disorders are different, the lesion location is different, the reasons are different, the treatment principle is also different.

Abnormal ovulation and its etiology

Ovulation abnormality is the inability to discharge normal eggs. Including complete absence of ovulation, rarely ovulation, or irregular ovulation. But there are still a few cases, after a thorough examination, there is still no explanation. The most common cause of abnormal ovulation is a lack of certain hormones. If the ovaries themselves are resistant to normal levels of hormones, they do not respond and can cause ovulation disorders. In addition, loss of ovary, damage, or disease can interfere with ovulation. There are many causes of ovulation abnormalities. The following are only a few common clinical diseases.

Ovarian dysfunction leading to anovulation is a common disease known as premature ovarian failure. In medicine, 40 year old premenopausal patients are called premature ovarian failure. Patients with early menstrual normal, and even have a history of fertility, but then menstruation is rare, until completely amenorrhea. The cause of the disease is unknown. This kind of patient’s ovarian follicles have been exhausted, it is impossible to use ovulation induction drugs to make follicular development, or even though the original follicle, but no response to gonadotropin. This kind of ovulation disorder patients, if you want to give birth, can only borrow someone else’s eggs as test tube baby, can achieve the purpose of pregnancy

Can you sleep in the same period of pregnancy? A proper sex life can make the fetus happy

Can I sleep with you during pregnancy? This problem is a problem of life many pregnant mothers concern, in fact, health experts say, if moderate orgasm caused by uterine contractions during pregnancy, the fetus is a healthy exercise, pregnant women can have sexual life. Of course, in the last month of pregnancy, it’s best to avoid excessive orgasms. Some of the reports that sexual behavior is bad for the fetus are mostly from pregnant women with the disease.

Because the birth mother blood flow increased high mood hormones and posterior pituitary hormones, and happy hormones, those hormones can let the mother and the fetus. The baby of the future smiles in the mother’s climax. The skin of a pregnant woman can also be lustrous.

One important thing for couples is that the intense orgasm that causes contractions of the uterus may stimulate the cervix directly. An orgasm can cause miscarriage. In addition, a moderate orgasm through the external vaginal muscles can make mothers and fetuses happier.

In general, the fetus will increase maternal progesterone index (weekly increase from 0.2ng/ml to 125ng/ml to 250ng/ml after 36-38 weeks), to ensure the safety of pregnancy, and by increasing the inhibitor of lactation stimulation was to prevent the climax of uterine contraction. Estrogen in women increases from 0.1-0.2ng/ml to 25ng/ml, and the vagina and labia become more swollen and thick. As a result, the intensity of the female orgasm will decline and it is difficult for the mother to make an orgasm after 10-20 weeks. So the couple will try to stimulate the cervix too much to produce orgasms, which can lead to miscarriage.

If the female’s testosterone index is still high, 80 or 90ng/dl, or higher, she may be able to enjoy an orgasm within 6-7 months of pregnancy. Naturally, the intensity of orgasm decreases as estrogen testosterone ratio and progesterone testosterone ratio decrease.

Testosterone and posterior pituitary hormone montjean you enjoy orgasm and pregnant fun. Maybe you after 30 weeks of pregnancy and orgasmic ability, your vaginal wall becomes swollen and soon began to fall, you can see your clitoris and labia produce water, your cervix will become more and more low, your vagina becomes more and more short.

Therefore, the penis is more likely to hit your cervix. If you feel that you should tell him not to use it too hard, let his glans kiss your cervix. You may have sacrificed some time for the climax of the fun.

At the same time, pregnant women need to pay attention to safety when they are having sex

1, do a good job of personal hygiene:

Before and after making love, both sides should wash the body, don’t forget the hand also need to clean, so as not to cause bacterial infection.

2, do not be too intense:

This reason does not say, also can understand, sexual intercourse husband don’t plug too deep, sexual intercourse when the climax to slowly twitch, in progress, don’t change body position frequently. In the process, if the mother feels unwell, such as abdominal swelling or pain, dizziness, etc., may be caused by the lack of gentle movements, and now should be temporarily interrupted to rest for a while.

3, tips on ensuring sexual safety:

(1) when the male father must use the arm support own strength.

(2) remember not to insert too deep or sprint too hard, so as not to cause cervical injury bleeding or cause contraction of the uterus.

(3) for the first 3 months of pregnancy and the last 2 months of pregnancy, it is better not to have sex for the sake of your baby’s safety.

(4) if you have abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding after sex, there may be miscarriage or premature delivery, you should seek medical attention in time.

(5) pregnant women who have had a history of miscarriage or a history of preterm birth should pay attention to minimizing sexual love so as not to have another miscarriage or premature birth.

(6) there are obstetrical reasons such as placenta previa, and the doctor will inform you.