Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg

The blood in our blood vessels and lymph systems does not flow and cycle itself, but because of the heart, the pressure pump works day and night without stopping. The so-called blood pressure is that the body’s blood is transported to all parts of the body need pressure, blood pressure is too high, too low, are not conducive to human health.

If the blood pressure is too high it will appear flustered, shortness of breath, dizziness and other adverse phenomenon, the need for regulation as soon as possible. This article recommends several refreshing and delicious antihypertensive fruits to you, and hopes to be helpful to everyone’s health.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg1

What fruit does hypertensive patient eat well?

First, antihypertensive fruit

1. fresh plum

Fresh plum rich in acid, citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid and other nutrients, high blood pressure, dizziness and insomnia, night sleep, stewed plum 3 desirable vintage, (i.e., ebony and water heating, fire, stewing and boiling water), add appropriate amount of braise, blood pressure, sleep, heat fluid effect.

2. lemons

Lemon rich in vitamin C, can enhance the elasticity and toughness of blood vessels, relieve calcium ions, thereby effectively promoting blood coagulation, prevention and treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases

3. kiwi fruit

To say that hypertensive patients antihypertensive fruit, the first choice of kiwi can not be, also known as “kiwi fruit.””. Kiwi flavor sour, Gan, cold, and whole fruit or juice, you can heat, water, scattered stasis, blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, swelling, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol. For people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis, eating kiwis can help control blood pressure.

4. bananas

Bananas can provide the body with potassium lowering blood pressure, and can boost and damage the sodium content of the blood vessel is very low. Urine potassium increased, decreased blood pressure, especially in primary hypertension, effects of potassium on blood pressure greater than the sodium ion, potassium sodium restriction, on the prevention and treatment of hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage have obvious pertinence.

5. apples

Apple is known as the “king of fruits”, its high nutritional value, contains a variety of vitamins, sugars, pectin, inorganic salt, malic acid, citric acid, tannic acid and cellulose kai. For patients with high blood pressure, apple is rich in potassium salts, it can combine with the body’s sodium salt, so that the latter out of the body, for the prevention of cardiovascular disease plays an important role. In addition, Apple also has to prevent the increase in blood cholesterol, reducing blood sugar content and so on.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg2

What fruit does hypertensive patient eat well?

6. oranges

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, citrate and glucose in more than 10 kinds of nutrients. Cause of chronic hepatitis, hypertension, eat tangerine can improve liver detoxification function, accelerate the transformation of cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis. After eating an orange often, can increase appetite, eliminate high blood pressure caused by digestive dysfunction.

7. watermelon

Watermelon contains a variety of nutrients, for high blood pressure, there is a good, effective treatment. Methods: take the watermelon watermelon skin 9 ~ 12g, cassia 9g, tea, the curative effect is good. Watermelon inside the watermelon kernel is also a diuretic antihypertensive drugs. Watermelon with a natural white tiger soup “, also known as winter melon, so physical deficiency, can not eat.

Two, diet notice of hypertension patients

1. eat less eggs

Eggs contain high cholesterol, unfit for high blood pressure patients, of which the yolk contains cholesterol is 2000 times the protein, so even eat eggs, try to eat less yolk.

2. diet should be abstemious

Meals three times a day, quantitative, do not overeat, eat eight points full is appropriate. High blood pressure patients should be in the diet to eat some of the food can reduce blood pressure, such as: black fungus, water chestnuts, celery, gourd, mung beans, watermelon skin, lotus seeds, heart, etc..

3., diet should be light

Vegetarian food can make the blood pressure decrease, hypertension patients should eat coarse grains, Cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, bean products, lean meat, fish, chicken and other foods, eat less animal fat and greasy food, eat less sugar, tea, coffee and other irritating food.

Hypertension eats what fruit is good, tall blood pressure patient must eat little egg3

What fruit does hypertensive patient eat well?

4. eat more vegetables

Many hypertensive friends have such experience, eat celery has good therapeutic efficacy of lowering blood pressure, because both the potassium, calcium and magnesium, all in green leafy vegetables, celery and green leafy vegetables is indeed representative of lowering blood pressure. Usually more dark green vegetables, potassium, calcium and magnesium content is higher, the same vegetable, leaves color deeper than the stem, the natural ingredients are also higher content, eat celery must be eaten along with the leaves.

5. eat more beans

Whether the red bean, mung bean, soybean, black bean, kidney bean, as long as the beans are rich in potassium, soy products tofu are rich in calcium and magnesium, therefore, tofu is hypertensive patients should eat food every day. Adults 200~300 grams / day is appropriate. The red bean, mung bean, kidney bean, oats, millet, collocation of rice corn and other cereal grains made of Steamed Rice, rice pudding, bean soup, bean soup, very good.

6. limit the amount of salt

Controlling sodium intake is beneficial to lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, and cooking salt should be reduced in the diet. It should be more than 6G per person per day. Eat more potassium, calcium rich and low sodium foods, potassium rich foods are: potatoes, taro, eggplant, lettuce, seaweed, watermelon, melon, citrus etc.. Calcium rich foods: milk, yogurt, dried small shrimps, sesame, green vegetables.

7. quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol are risk factors for hypertension. People who prefer tobacco and alcohol are more likely to develop hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and tobacco and alcohol can also reduce the sensitivity of hypertensive patients to drugs.


What are the symptoms of kidney stones in children?

In the period of time after the Sanlu milk powder containing melamine, in infants caused by eating this milk powder led to kidney stones. Now many parents are worried that their children are also very worried, so many people go to the hospital to check. So what are the symptoms of kidney stones in children? The following main aspects: 1, urinary stones can be discharged, such as baby stone blocking urethra may display for urination and dysuria; 2, hypertension, edema, kidney area percussion pain.

3, unexplained crying, especially when urinating, vomiting with; 4, obstructive acute renal failure, showed little or no urine;

Spring neonatal care books, new moms necessary knowledge reserves

Everything is waking up every year, Spring returns to the good earth., spring, All flowers bloom together. is a bonus, many people have a love of the season. But for new born baby, spring is a hidden season of crisis.

As spring temperatures rise, many bacteria begin to proliferate, which is extremely dangerous for newborns with very poor resistance. So, Mammy should pay attention to the care after the baby is born. Here are some tips for caring for newborns in the spring. Let’s get to know them.

Spring neonatal care books, new moms necessary knowledge reserves1

I. body care

1. umbilical cord care: baby umbilical cord cut off, the umbilical cord stump will gradually dry and become thin and become black. Usually, the umbilical stump gradually falls off within 3 to 7 days after birth. Ligation of the umbilical cord, cut parts susceptible to infection, while the umbilical cord can go directly to the baby’s blood vessels, so after breaking the umbilical cord, the umbilical cord care is very important.

2. buttocks care: Baby delicate skin, especially the buttocks are often wrapped diapers, diaper rash is likely to cause. Protection and care of the baby’s buttocks, skin, has become a compulsory course for novice parents. Baby care buttocks, the most important thing is to change diapers frequently, so that the baby’s buttocks remain dry.

3. neonatal eye care: when cleaning neonatal eye, put some cotton balls in the wet water wet, and then squeeze the water, each time to wipe your eyes closed all want to change a new cotton ball, from the canthus outside canthus wipe.

4. neonatal nose care: nose and ears are organs with self purification function, so mother should not try to plug anything inside or interfere with them in any way. Putting tampons in your nostrils or ears will only push something that is there down to the inside. It’s much better to let things fall naturally.

6. neonatal respiratory care: dry and windy weather in spring, should keep the mouth and nose moist and clean, and prevent the upper respiratory tract infection. In each time interval between meals should be fed some warm water, so as to achieve the role of cleaning the mouth, add water, nasal secretions should be timely swab dipped in soda water clean.

Spring neonatal care books, new moms necessary knowledge reserves2

Spring neonatal care program

5. skin care: newborns do not need soap. Soap is a form of degreasing agent, and the skin of the newborn is very delicate. Newborns need to keep all their natural fats, so they can only be washed 6 weeks ago. 6 weeks later, you can use soap. Mom might want to try a special liquid soap that needs to be added to the bath without washing it. Make sure you scrub all the wrinkles with soapy fingers and rinse them clean. The skin thoroughly dry, wet folding part is very easy to cause inflammation, never to use the talcum powder.

Two, life care

1., stool: newborn baby inside, hidden a lot of baby body secrets. Parents can observe the baby’s stool characteristics, defecation times, etc., to understand the baby’s digestion and timely adjustment of the child’s diet. Mom and dad on the child’s daily stool count to know what to do, pay attention to the color of the stool there is no exception, there is no special smell.

2. diaper rash: diaper rash occurred in a skin inflammatory lesion in diapers parts, also known as the baby diaper showed red buttock, hip and contact area of skin redness, swelling, and even ulcers, ulcer and infection, there is slight external force or friction will cause damage. Further development results in exudate, epidermal desquamation, superficial ulcers, and, without treatment, deeper ulcers, or even decubitus ulcers.

3. clothing: neonatal choice of temperature is still very important. At room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, newborns need only cotton padded clothes and a small cotton shirt, which prevents the newborn from getting cold, and also prevents the newborn from overheating.

Spring neonatal care books, new moms necessary knowledge reserves3

Spring neonatal care program

The newborn quilt cover not too tight, many mothers fear newborn quilt leakage, a lot of the time and newborn to cover the quilt, which will cover the newborn too tight, not good for the health of the newborn. The newborn quilt cover due to the loose and breathable, so as to avoid the newborn because of too tight and the quilt well causes shortness of breath. Mother with newborn out, need to give the newborn wear thick some, hat, either hand or foot must not be cold.

4. indoor environment: many mothers fear of neonatal cold, will always be room close tightly. In fact, the room in which the newborn is living needs to be ventilated. The circulation of indoor air will not only harm the newborn, but also help the newborn breathe smoothly. When the room ventilation, the mother and the newborn can temporarily leave the room, wait until after the indoor air replacement back, if the internal long time not to replace the air in the room, in the room the air becomes extremely turbid, in this case is the use of mother and newborn health. Smoking dads also need to be careful not to smoke in their rooms, which can easily cause respiratory tract infections in newborns.

How can a mother recover her uterus quickly after birth?

After childbirth, with the discharge of the placenta, the size and weight of the uterus will gradually change back to its original state. But the process takes about 6 weeks. When the uterus is restored, the inside of the womb does not need anything to be expelled. The excrement is called lochial lasted about 3-4 weeks. Initially, the red blood is expelled from the placenta and brown after a few days. After a few weeks, it is yellow. The change in color is not expected because the loss of blood will change during this period. The most common thing is a small clot. The general will not have the stench of lochia. If a clot is found to be large, persistent or extreme loss, or foul smelling, it must be told to a midwife or a doctor. This means that the interior of the uterus is infected and should be treated.

In order to restore the uterus well, the mother should pay attention to the following aspects:

1., postpartum should be timely urination

Postpartum to urinate in time, so as not to make the bladder inflated or often in the expansion state.

2. prolonged lying should be avoided during puerperium

After 6~8 hours, mothers can sit up in second days after the elimination of fatigue, can get out of bed, which is beneficial to the body physiological function and physical recovery, help the uterus recovery and discharge of lochia. In bed rest, try to take left or right posture, avoid supine, in order to prevent the back of the uterus; if the uterus has been tilted backward, should be knee chest position to correct.

3. should be breast-feeding after birth

Breast feeding is not only very beneficial to the baby’s growth and development, and the baby’s sucking stimulation will reflex the contraction of the uterus, thereby promoting the recovery of the uterus.

4. pay attention to pubic hygiene

Postpartum attention should be paid to genital hygiene, so as not to cause genital tract inflammation, and further affect the recovery of the uterus

5. pelvic floor tissue changes and recovery

The pelvic floor muscles and their fascia lose their elasticity as a result of expansion and often rupture some of their fibers. Postpartum, if you can adhere to exercise, pelvic floor muscles can be restored to near pre pregnancy status, otherwise it can not be restored to its original condition.

How long can I drink water after I extract my teeth? What are the precautions for tooth extraction?

The teeth are part of the body of our body, except by external impact caused by the aging of the teeth and teeth off, will be strong in the long jaws. The presence of end tooth teeth are easy to breed a lot of trouble, so many people choose to go bad, unplug it.

After the end of the tooth pulled out, the wound area is large, although the anesthetic, but still feel a little uncomfortable. After the extraction, the doctor will remind you that you can’t eat immediately. How long does it take to drink and eat?

How long can I drink water after I extract my teeth? What are the precautions for tooth extraction?1

How long will it take to drink and eat after the extraction?

How long will it take to drink and eat after the extraction?

Generally, 40 minutes after the extraction, you need to bite the cotton ball, and this time the wound is still in the hemostatic phase, it is unable to drink water. Two hours later, the clot has congealed well and it’s time to drink. But at this point, drink water should pay attention to is not too hot or too cold, at the same time do not force to suck.

How long can I drink water after I extract my teeth? What are the precautions for tooth extraction?2

How long will it take to drink and eat after the extraction?

What should I eat after the tooth extraction?

The diet with semi liquid diet and diet is appropriate, and do not use tooth chewing side, after eating light gargle, prevent wound infection.

In addition, 24 hours after the extraction, try not to eat too hot, too cold, spicy spicy food, you can drink porridge, eat noodles. Do not eat too hot or hard food, do not drink liquor, do not smoke, do not eat spicy food.

Points for attention after tooth extraction

1. bite tampons

Usually after pulling out the tooth, the doctor will put a small gauze or cotton ball in the tooth extraction position. In order to prevent the big hemorrhage, then bite the cotton ball to laugh for an hour, after the cotton ball is taken out, do not use the hand touch or the tongue lick the wound.

How long can I drink water after I extract my teeth? What are the precautions for tooth extraction?3

How long will it take to drink and eat after the extraction?

2. less contact with wounds

Within a few hours of extraction, try not to spit, and use something to touch the wound, so as not to cause the wound to bleed again. You can drink plenty of juice, vitamin C and B groups to promote wound healing.

How long can I drink water after I extract my teeth? What are the precautions for tooth extraction?4

How long will it take to drink and eat after the extraction?

3. reduce movement

Do not exercise violently or do heavy physical labor for two days. Do not take a hot bath, do not drink or smoke. Refuse to socialize, not drinking, adequate rest and sleep is a necessary condition.

4. pay attention to brush your teeth

Don’t brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and speak as little as possible within 24 hours after the extraction. In addition, you can use mouthwash after meals and before bedtime. Gently, after thirty seconds, spit it out slowly to prevent bacterial infection.

To help women improve the face of the five kinds of food, the more beautiful eating!

In winter, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, the woman’s face will become worse and worse, including dry, dim, wrinkles and other skin problems. So, what exactly does a woman eat in winter to improve her complexion?

Face puffiness type – Dried Shrimps fried vegetables

Face puffiness due to Yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency.

Method for preparing Dried Shrimps fried rape: rape 200 grams, wash and cut long, fry. Add warm water through the dried shrimps 50 grams, add chicken stir fry, add salt, MSG, starch can be eaten. Rape HEMMI diuretic dehumidification, kidney yang, chicken soup tonic Qi, comprehensive effect to make the facial fat floating away.

Facial features, wrinkles – dry fruit, mashed yam

The reason why more wrinkles is due to the deficiency of the spleen and stomach, and the two deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

Preparation method of dried yam mud: fresh yam or potato 500 grams of cooked, peeled, pressed into mud pressure, round cakes shaped, walnut, red dates, is hawthorn, plum and other fruit, on the steamer and cook for about 10 minutes, then pour honey. Yam tonifying spleen and kidney, peach kernel tonifying lung and kidney, moistening dry brain, red dates Qi tonic blood, comprehensive effective, so that the skin wrinkles stretch, smooth and moist.

Dark face type chestnuts stewed cabbage

The reason for the dark complexion is that kidney qi is insufficient and Yin fluid is deficient.

Method for preparing chestnuts stewed cabbage as raw chestnuts 200 grams, peeled, cut into two halves, duck soup with moderate heat until cooked, add cabbage 200 grams, salt, a little MSG, cooked cabbage thicken. Duck nourishing Yin, tonifying chestnut, strengthening spleen and tonifying kidney, Chinese cabbage nourishing yin and moistening dryness, so as to make the complexion white and bright.

Pale complexion – honey, peanuts, dates

The reason for the pale complexion is lack of Qi and blood.

Preparation method of honey peanut jujube: red dates 100 grams, 100 grams of peanuts, soaked in warm water and put pot add water, boil until soft and cooked, add 200 grams of honey, juice thick to a cease-fire, can also be a pressure cooker to cook for 30 minutes, honey can be peanuts, red dates cooked wok. Red jujube Qi, peanut clothing blood, peanut meat moisture, honey qi.

Rough face – braised sea cucumber with bamboo shoots

The reason the rough face is the deficiency of yin and blood, in Zaohuo constitution.

Preparation method of bamboo for burning sea cucumber: sea cucumber 200 Kocse strip, with 100 grams of fresh bamboo shoots or water bamboo slices with wok, add meat stew cooked, add salt, MSG, sugar, wine, edible starch. The sea cucumber nourishing Yin, Take Kiyo heat, make the skin exquisite and smooth comprehensive effect.

The most natural and healthy method of contraception

What is the most effective method of contraception? There is an international term for “natural family planning”, that is, natural family planning. That is to say, according to the physiological characteristics of female reproduction, it is necessary to avoid the same family in the time of childbearing and conception so as to achieve the purpose of contraception. In fact, natural contraception is to avoid the “dangerous period”, and to master the method of natural family planning, it is necessary to understand some of the physiological knowledge about pregnancy.

First, women’s physiological cycle potential is necessary to understand

Generally speaking, the normal women a 28 day of menstruation, ovulation and menstrual cycle in the middle, which is between 14 to 16 days, but because of people’s health status, living environment, mental stimulation and make ovulation often earlier or later.

Step 1: observe the menstrual cycle

Is your menstrual cycle regular? How many days between the two menstrual periods? This information is the first to be mastered. If you can not accurately answer these two questions, you can use the menstruation to record on the calendar, marking the first day”. The calculation to the next menstruation (that is a “first day”) between the total number of days. You may need three or four months of continuous recording to accurately calculate the length and rhythm of the menstrual cycle. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, but it is normal between 23–35 days. Of course, the number of days of the cycle varies with the month.

The second step: determine ovulation period

In the short period of ovulation, intercourse is the key to conception, and ovulation is the time when mature eggs are expelled from the ovaries into the fallopian tube. So the second thing you need to do is determine ovulation. When ovulation occurs, women are often accompanied by physiological changes and signs. Most women can feel the chest in the ovulation period, especially breast skin sensitive sense of smell, hearing is more sensitive;; some may have small abdominal pain (mostly mild side), and mucinous leucorrhea or bloody mucus; sometimes visible labial edema; some women may have increased libido feeling and so on. Women often line up an egg each month and lose their fertility after 24 hours of ovulation without insemination.

For men, the sperm into the vagina, within 5~15 minutes can enter the cervical recess, and even into the fallopian tube, 4~6 hours began to die, 48 hours or so lost fertilization ability. This means that 48 hours before ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation, this is a “dangerous period” for pregnancy, and should be avoided.

The key to natural contraception is to master ovulation and how to predict ovulation. The present method is quite a lot, as the home can self control method has the following: Doudou mother: cervical mucus prediction ovulation

As women mature follicle can produce more estrogen, when reaches a certain level, namely in the ovulation period, can make more cervical mucus gland secretion, usually about 3 ~ 30 times, when the mucus thin hail transparent, viscous, watery, easy to pull into a filament. Length up to 15~20 cm. If under the microscope, seen in cervical mucus fern leaves the crystal shape, at the same time, the female can touch the cervix, cervical mouth visible in the ovulation period is carried out, the original hard like cartilage like cervical soft texture, and in a clear, smooth, elastic flow to the vaginal mucus. The contraction of the vagina to mucus expelled outside the vagina. Hail see these mucus thin and smooth, transparent, with the thumb and index finger pinch mucus can be drawn into filaments, over 10 cm.

Fortunately, pregnant grass reminder:

Be careful not to confuse the semen left behind after intercourse with this mucus. Closer ovulation, mucus becomes more smooth, clear, water. If once found an increase in vaginal secretions, cervical mucus increased, immediately to avoid intercourse or use condoms and other measures, and pay attention to changes in mucus, always adhere to the smaller cervical mucus, mucus become thick until dry, about 5 ~ 7 days. It is best to record the date of increased mucus or change every month in order to find out the law.

Strong winds grass: basal body temperature

The body temperature of female can change with menstrual cycle. The body temperature is lower during menstruation and follicular phase, while luteal phase is higher. In the first half of menstruation, more than 36.8 degrees Celsius, which is caused by progesterone in vivo. To predict ovulation, you need to draw a basal body temperature curve

Clinical manifestations of endometriosis and endometriosis

What is endometriosis, what are the symptoms of endometriosis? This article will introduce the clinical manifestations of endometriosis. The symptoms of endometriosis vary with the location of the ectopic endometrium, and the clinical manifestations of endometriosis are:

1, stool bulge: generally occurs in the premenstrual period or after menstruation, patients feel pain through the rectum feces unbearable, and other times does not have this feeling, is the typical symptoms of rectal fossa and near the uterine endometriosis. Occasionally the ectopic endometrium goes deep into the rectal mucosa and has symptoms of rectal bleeding during menstruation. Endometriosis lesions around the rectum stenosis has formed tenesmus and obstruction symptoms, and the cancer were similar.

2, bladder symptoms: in endometriosis and the bladder, periodic frequent micturition, dysuria symptoms; invasion of bladder mucosa, can produce periodic hematuria.

3, dysmenorrhea: what is the symptoms of endometriosis, experts, dysmenorrhea is a common and prominent symptom is secondary, namely since the occurrence of endometriosis, menstrual cramps when no previous patients complained of pain, and from a period of time began to appear dysmenorrhea. Can happen before menstruation, menstruation and after menstruation. Some dysmenorrhea more severe, and need to stay in bed or use drugs to relieve pain. The pain usually increases with the menstrual cycle. Due to the rising level of “drug name”, ectopic endometrial hyperplasia and swelling, such as re pregnancy, hormones affect bleeding, stimulate local tissue, so that pain. If it is internal endometriosis, more can promote uterine muscle contracture, dysmenorrhea is bound to be more significant. Ectopic tissue has no bleeding, and dysmenorrhea may be caused by congestion of the blood vessels. After menstruation, ectopic endometrium gradually atrophy and dysmenorrhea disappeared.

4, menorrhagia: internal endometriosis, menstrual volume often increased, prolonged menstruation. May be due to increased intima, but mostly accompanied by ovarian dysfunction.

5, infertility: endometriosis patients are often accompanied by infertility. According to the reports in Tianjin and Shanghai, primary infertility accounted for 41. 5% to 43. 3%, secondary infertility accounted for 46. 6% to 47. 3%. The cause and effect relationship between infertility and endometriosis is still controversial. Pelvic endometriosis often leads to adhesions around the fallopian tubes, affecting the oocyte, or causing the lumen to clog. Or because of ovarian disease, ovulation is normal and cause infertility. However, some people believe that prolonged infertility and periods of menstruation can cause endometriosis. Once pregnant, the ectopic endometrium is suppressed and atrophied.

6, sexual pain: occurred in the uterus, rectum, fossa, vagina, rectum septum endometriosis, so that the surrounding tissue swelling and affect husband and wife life, premenstrual sex is not easy to increase. It’s common knowledge that you know what endometriosis is and what symptoms of endometriosis are.

What food can uterine fibroids eat? What food can not eat?

Do you know what foods you can’t eat with fibroids? In fact, for patients with uterine fibroids, try to eat fresh, light food, do not eat fried, greasy food, canned food should be put an end to, these foods are not good for health. The following to explain in detail about uterine fibroids can not eat anything.

1., for patients with uterine fibroids, we must first pay attention to, can not eat the food has spicy, alcohol and frozen food

If you like to eat hot pot, is a hot pot lovers, then these foods may need to give up. Because spicy food will stimulate endocrine, endocrine disorders may cause endocrine, so as a uterine fibroids patients, or away from hot pot, spicy food, far better.

In addition, love usually drink a friend, also want to give up reluctantly, because alcohol on uterine stimulation is relatively large. Moreover, drinking can cause blood pressure, and the emotional control of patients with uterine fibroids is not very good.

Even in summer, patients with fibroids should not drink cold drinks at random because they can cause menstrual disorders and are likely to cause more severe irregular menstruation. You can eat some plum soup, bean soup to summerheat.

2. patients with uterine fibroids should not eat some prone food, such as mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, fish, fish etc.

In winter, everyone likes to eat some lamb to warm the body. But for patients with uterine fibroids, it is not appropriate. These meat contain more fat, and obese women have the possibility of uterine fibroids.

In addition, patients with fibroids should also avoid eating seafood, these seafood contains more hormones, may lead to severe development of uterine fibroids. If you want to add meat, you can eat lean pork, chicken and other alternatives.

3., patients with uterine fibroids should not eat longan, red dates, Ejiao, royal jelly

In general, these things for women, are Qi and blood Qi health care products, but for patients with uterine fibroids is not appropriate. Because fibroids are dependent on estrogen to develop, and if the estrogen content in vivo is too high, but will promote the growth of fibroids, so these foods should be avoided. If nutritional supplements are needed, these ingredients should be removed from the ingredients.

4., uterine fibroids patients should not use oral contraceptives

Uterine fibroids patients if there is the need for contraception, nor can take oral contraceptives, preferably using condoms and other means. Because most of the contraceptives contain estrogen and progesterone, it is very bad for fibroids.

5., patients with uterine fibroids should not eat barbecue, fried, pickled food

From these hysteromyoma patients can not eat food, you may have concluded that patients can not eat uterine fibroids is some hot, greasy, easy hair, wine and cold food, and containing hormones and stimulating food. For vegetables and soy products, patients with fibroids can rest assured that the enjoyment, there is no taboo in this regard. In addition, the fruit, in addition to hot sex, such as oranges, litchi, longan, ginkgo and so on, can not eat more, and other apples, pears, such as what can be assured of eating. Another is nuts, such as walnuts, peanuts and so on, these foods are very good for women, usually can be eaten as snacks.

Women’s health network (Editor)

Note: repeated miscarriage 4 times, the incidence of infertility as high as 92%

At present, about 8 million women suffer from stream of people surgery in China, far higher than the average level of developed countries, while the number of young women aged 20~29 accounts for 62% of all people. The risk of stream of people is also very serious, in secondary infertility patients, nearly 90% have induced abortion history. This reporter learned from the Sixth Committee meeting of the Family Planning Commission of the Chinese medical association. Cheng Linan, chairman of the family planning committee of the Chinese Medical Association, called on women, especially young women, to improve their awareness of self-protection, to pay attention to contraception, and to actively select a scientific and rational method of contraception.

About 8 million women do stream of people every year

At present, China’s women’s lack of contraceptive knowledge, especially some young women lack of self-protection awareness, people feel free to take measures in the short term, even the number of people, causing great harm to their physical and mental health. Statistics show that China currently has about 8 million women undergoing stream of people surgery each year, with a flow rate of 29.3%. Far higher than the average level of developed countries, while the number of young women aged 20~29 accounted for 62% of all people. What is more noteworthy is that repeated abortions in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing are higher than 50%, causing serious harm to women’s health.

The cause of this situation is multiple.” Expert analysis says, “first of all, Chinese women lack the knowledge of contraception, lack of awareness of contraception and low efficiency of contraception.”. Most people have lucky mentality, and have not taken contraceptive measures, even contraception, but also to use condoms, in vitro exclusive, calculation, safety period and other methods based, oral contraceptives rarely. At the same time, China has yet to carry out a comprehensive family planning service standardization after the abortion, many women have no family planning services and guide the timely and effective for the first time after the abortion, still exposed to high risk of accidental pregnancy. At present, only 52.4% of urban childbearing age women and 9.6% rural women in China have received postoperative contraception guidance.”

Nearly 90% of secondary infertility patients pass through production

Experts pointed out that artificial abortion has a great impact on women’s reproductive health, it can be described as multifaceted and long-term, especially the risk of repeated abortions is more serious. In the short term, there may be some complications, such as bleeding, infection, injury, irregular menstruation, chronic pelvic infection, etc.. In the long run, it may be more dangerous, and for young women the most important should be infertility. Statistical data show that 88.2% of the secondary infertility patients have a history of induced abortion. The rate of infertility caused by repeated abortions 4 is as high as 92%.