The treatment of four different types of dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a common female problem, where in the menstrual period or menstruation, occurrence of pain in the lower abdomen, or lumbosacral pain and other discomfort, severe nausea and vomiting, and even affect the work and daily life, called dysmenorrhea. Because of emotional depression, careless living, or six exopathic, resulting in Chongren Yuzu, or cold meridians, causing blood runs sluggish, uterus blood flow blocked, no pain, and menstrual pain. If the Qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, blood loss less refined, cell pulse, Chongren loss in Ruyang may cause dysmenorrhea. According to the clinical pain time, the nature and location, the degree of pain, with the menstrual cycle, volume, color, quality, and evidence, tongue and pulse and differentiate cold.

Qi and blood deficiency after 1 to 2 days, or menstrual abdominal pain, or abdominal pain, tenesmus and genitals, hi hi rub, menstruation, pale and thin, lassitude, a small, eat less loose stools, pale tongue, weak pulse. The Qi and blood for the treatment of pain, Shengyu decoction, ginseng (decocted), Angelica sinensis, radix rehmanniae, Millettia 15 grams, 30 grams of Astragalus, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Cyperi, Rhizoma Corydalis, licorice 9 grams, 18 grams of white peony, safflower 12 grams.

Liver and kidney deficiency after 1 ~ 2 days of abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain and soreness, the color is dim and the quantity is little, thin, dizziness and tinnitus, or hot flashes, thready pulse, thin white fur or thin yellow. By replenishing kidney and liver for the treatment of pain, regulating the liver decoction, Radix Angelicae sinensis, Fructus Corni, gelatin (Yang), Chinese yam, 12 grams of Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Cyperi, Morinda officinalis, Rehmannia 15 grams, 6 grams of licorice, medlar 30 grams, 9 grams paeonol.

Qi stagnation and blood stasis after the first 1 to 2 days, or menstrual abdominal pain, refused to press, menstruation, dark purple color with a blood clot, blood clots from pain, chest, breast pain, dark purple tongue, ecchymosis or petechia tongue, pulse string astringent. The liver qi, removing blood stasis and relieving pain for treatment, Gexia Zhuyu Decoction, Radix Angelicae sinensis, radix paeoniae rubra, Liu Jinu, Achyranthes 15 grams, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, peach kernel, safflower, Rhizoma Corydalis, Radix Linderae, Cyperus boninrousette, Fructus aurantii, paeonol 12 grams, 9 grams, 6 grams of licorice, Salvia 30 grams.

Cold damp stagnation through before, menstrual microgastropods Lengtong, according to the pain, pain reduction in the heat, menstruation, dark color, chills, loose stools, greasy tongue coating, tight pulse. Treatment for removing blood stasis, dispelling cold by warming and dampness, Shaofuzhuyu decoction, fennel, ginger, cinnamon 6 grams, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Corydalis, Atractylodes rhizome 9 grams, myrrh, radix paeoniae rubra, Radix Linderae, pollen Typhae, Wu Zhuyu, angelica, Poria 12 grams, 15 grams each.

Six notes on the use of ovulation test strips

Ovulation test paper is used to test which days is the female ovulation period of a tool, that is to tell you which days is safe period, these days, husband and wife sex life is not easy to pregnancy. The ovulation period is a dangerous period, these days it is very easy to her pregnancy, after the ovulation test, can accurately test the ovulation period, so you no longer afraid pregnant or are afraid not to worry about pregnancy. However, in the use of ovulation test paper, we should pay attention to the following six problems:

The women who use the ovulation test before, first need to determine their menstrual cycle. Most women’s menstrual cycle in about 28 days, the general error of not more than 5 days. If your menstrual cycle is less than 27 days or more than 40 days, ask the obstetrician for advice on whether ovulation tests can be used.

The oral contraceptive women need two months after drug withdrawal, in order to use ovulation test. Because the pill can inhibit the secretion of luteinizing hormone, make the paper color or color display light, led to inaccurate detection results.

It also is suffering from diseases of the endocrine system such as ovarian cyst of women, or are taking steroid hormones, women should not use ovulation test.

It is best to use the morning urine test should not be used in place for a long time the urine specimens.

We don’t drink plenty of water or drink before detection. Urine collection containers used for testing should be kept clean.

No ovulation test is not 100 per cent proof of egg formation. Therefore, when women suffer from pregnancy problems, they should go to the gynecology and obstetrics department of a regular hospital in time.

What is the main symptom of cervicitis?

What is palace neck phlogistic, what does the symptom of palace neck phlogistic show? Cervicitis is one of the most common gynecological diseases, most of which occur in women who have sex. Cervicitis is divided into two kinds of acute and chronic, acute cervicitis often with acute endometritis or acute vaginitis at the same time, but chronic cervicitis is more common.

Chronic cervicitis more than childbirth, abortion or surgery after the injury to the cervix, pathogens invasion and infection. Chronic cervicitis has many kinds of manifestations. If palace neck debaucjed, palace neck hypertrophy, palace neck polyp, palace neck gland cyst, among them, palace neck debaucjed is most see.

The main symptom of chronic cervicitis is increased leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is milky white mucus, and sometimes yellow or pus like, accompanied by polyp formation, can produce bloody leucorrhea or bleeding after intercourse. When inflammation spreads to pelvic cavity, can have lumbar ministry ache, bilge bilges and dysmenorrhoea. These symptoms increase before and after menstruation, defecation, and sexual intercourse. Sometimes accompanied by frequent urination, dysuria, irregular menstruation, infertility, etc..

The main symptom of acute cervicitis is increasing leucorrhea. Acute cervicitis leucorrhea purulent, with lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain or frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, bladder irritation. Chronic cervicitis leucorrhea is milky white or yellowish purulent mucus shape; severe cervical erosion or cervical polyp, a bloody leukorrhea or bleeding after intercourse. Light person can not have systemic symptoms, when inflammation along the uterus, sacrum ligament diffuse to pelvic cavity, can have lumbosacral pain, lower abdominal distension feeling and dysmenorrhea, every bowel movement, sexual intercourse aggravating. In addition, sticky purulent leucorrhea is not conducive to pass through, but also can cause infertility.

In addition, cervical erosion is closely related to cervical cancer. Patients suffering from cervical erosion, the incidence of cervical cancer is much higher than those without cervical erosion, so they should be actively treated when suffering from cervical erosion.

Breast hyperplasia diet minor recipe

What does mammary gland hyperplasia treat dietotherapy to eat? Women’s health network for you to introduce several conditioning breast hyperplasia diet small formula.

A scorpion 2, sandwiched Steamed Buns or pastry, once a day, seven days for a course, should be for 2 courses, courses can rest for 2 days, is invalid, he can change the application method.

Two, kelp 2-3 feet Xu, tofu 1 pieces, boiled soup diet. Seasoning by adding regular, you can add a little vinegar.

Three, orange cake tea Hawthorn: Hawthorn 10 grams, orange cake 7 pieces of boiling water for tea, boiling, then add 1 to 2 spoons of honey, when the frequency of tea food.

Four, Trina red tea, asparagus 15 grams, Acacia 8 grams, five red dates, tea, food, plus a little honey.

Five, cactus fried pork liver, often eat effective.

Six, black sesame 10-15 grams, walnut 5, honey 1-2 spoons to eat.

Seven, Cacumen Platycladi 30 grams, 15 grams of orange kernel, chrysanthemum 15 grams, fried soup to drink.

Eight, 2 – 3 eel, black fungus 3 little flower, 10 red dates, three pieces of ginger, add seasoning, the usual method for braised food.

Looming, so that men can not hold the 5 trick

Although we often say that the old couple, the husband and wife do not know what the two sides of things. But in fact, no matter how old couples, are afraid of the same day as a”.

Especially in the life of husband and wife in that matter, if you do not want to stir up a bit of fresh desire, it is difficult for couples to live in harmony.

How to make husband and wife sexual intercourse more passion? Allegedly, the following 5 small methods to help improve the appeal, so that he can not hold.

Wear an eye mask and kiss

Foreplay, can let the other lying in bed, he put on the mask and then on him to do some small action, such as kissing. Because he can’t see you, don’t know you kiss the next site where will, so the excitement will be more intense; or, in other parts of the more sensitive to write and let him guess, this romantic game not only make sex more interesting, but also conducive to mutual feelings.


Might as well change the bedroom into a massage room, couples massage each other, push essential oils, can induce and enhance sexual desire. Generally speaking, women’s ears, neck, armpit, thigh, breast, nipple and other parts of the most sensitive, before this, can be the first to use Durex moisturizing aloe body lubricant applied on the body, aloe rich fragrance, full of colorful make sex appeal: it is difficult to resist the temptation of fresh aloe plants always surround, bring pleasure to the delicious your intimate experience.

Romantic atmosphere

The survey shows that a woman in a man specifically for creating the atmosphere more susceptible, women also love to create an atmosphere with ways to provoke a man. Point to a candle, is the love of men and women are more loving atmosphere to create a way, not only can increase romance, but also to each other’s physical and mental closer.

Moreover, in the candle light, both sides of the body and mind are more relaxed, body contours are more moving, both sides can enjoy more sexual love. Orange and lavender candles are a good choice, with essential oils that reduce anxiety and make people happy.

Drink red wine

Drink a cup of wine, amorous feelings. Drank wine to the woman, can be just perfect to show charming and sexy, men also love to see more amorous woman drunk. A love, a woman to face if the peach is so charming, natural man’s eyes full of desire. Red wine, not only let the woman keep a sex in shyness, but also fulfill the customers due regardless of personal danger and wild.

Wrapped bath towel

According to a survey, women wrapped in bath towels are more likely to arouse men’s sexual urges. Female sex may wish to take a short shower before sex, which keeps the body clean and allows the man to gradually stir up the desire while waiting. When he saw you wrapped in towels, bath sexy shake hair moist, estimated to have been anxious to stop

Swelling and swelling of the breast is the main manifestation of hyperplasia of the breast

Hyperplasia of mammary glands accounts for more than 75% of all breast diseases. It is the most common type of breast disease. It occurs in women of any age after puberty. What does the symptom of mammary gland hyperplasia have? More early for breast swelling and pain, but some women often feel breast swelling, and dull pain, because there is no other discomfort, they generally do not go to medical treatment. Some people are naive to think that this can increase the beauty of women’s lines. As everyone knows, are likely to be swelling and pain

The clinical manifestations of breast hyperplasia in breast lumps, breast pain as the basic performance, approximately 80% of patients with breast pain, multiple bilateral, unilateral pain can be divided into the nature of pain, pain, pain, pain, pain or tenderness channeling. The performance of breast pain is often unstable, can increase before menstruation, but also often changes in mood, fatigue, weather changes. Breast lump is the main basis for diagnosis of breast disease. Most of them are multiple, the size of the tumor is different, the texture is hard or tough, the mass is not adhered to the skin, the surface of the lump is often smooth, and touch with a sense of particle. In addition to the above symptoms, some patients with nipple discharge and itching, swelling, pain, chest rib anorexia, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.

How to understand the leucorrhea routine inspection result?

The value of 1.pH after puberty because of ovarian sex hormone stimulation, the mucosal epithelial cells containing abundant animal starch, vaginal Lactobacillus decomposition into lactic acid, so that the vaginal secretions of weakly acidic, which can prevent the bacteria in the vagina propagation, which is used for vaginal self purification. When testing, commonly used pH value to indicate pH, normal pH is 4.5, with Trichomonas or bacterial vaginitis, leucorrhea pH value increases, may be greater than 5~6.

2. vaginal cleanliness can be divided into 4 grades:

Degree I: a large number of vaginal epithelial cells and a large number of vaginal bacteria were found under the microscope.

Second degree: microscopically, there are vaginal epithelial cells, a small number of white blood cells, some vaginal bacilli, a small number of miscellaneous bacteria or pus cells.

Third degree: microscopically, there are a small number of vaginal bacilli, a large number of pus cells and miscellaneous bacteria.

Fourth degree: no bacillus was found under the microscope, except for small amounts of epithelial cells, mainly pus cells and miscellaneous bacteria.

Note: the first to the second degree is normal, and the third to the fourth degree is abnormal leucorrhea, which indicates the symptoms of vaginitis.

A new study shows that pregnancy affects the sex of the fetus

A new study suggests that male occupations such as engineers or accountants will greatly increase the chances that a pregnant woman will produce a boy. Similarly, if a teacher or nurse is engaged in a feminine career, then the child’s gender is likely to be female.

According to the Sunday times, the number of boys and girls born in Britain is 105 to 100, according to statistics.

The London School of economics has come to this conclusion through a survey of 3000 people in different industries and published it in the Journal of theoretical biology. The leader of the study, psychologist Sarto of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, West Cana Zawa found in engineer male occupation, born a male female ratio is 140 to 100. The proportion of women engaged in such occupations as nurses was 100 to 135.

“Sunday times” quoted an expert in evolutionary psychology, male female occupation in the process of fertilization, the content of testosterone in the womb is higher, thus increasing the possibility of the fetus is male.

Does occupation affect fetal sex?

The researchers say the child’s sex may be affected by the work you do. People who work as nursing or teaching are more likely to have daughters, while boys who work in Accountancy or engineering are much more likely to be born. The findings, published in a report at the London School of economics, may help couples predict the future sex of their children. The study may also further strengthen the division of labor between the sexes. The researchers came to the conclusion after studying the causes and families of 3000 volunteers from all walks of life.

The study, published in the Journal of theoretical biology, links the “systematic” work of men to engineering, which requires accurate and independent judgment. Instead, the study links women to the need for “concentration” and human understanding of work. The study led the London School of economics scholars Satosh Canazawa, explained that the current global sex ratio is approximately 105 to 100. But according to his calculations, the ratio of men to women was 140 to 100 in engineers and other “systematic analysts”, compared with 135 to 100 in the profession of nursing.

Khanna Za Wa said that if a physicist and a mathematician combine, then their children are more likely to be boys, and doctors and talk show host “crystallization” is more likely to be a girl. The study included insurance, architects, management consultants as a “systemic” profession, while “focused” occupations included nutritionists, career counselors, and kindergarten teachers.

But Khanna Za Wa and other experts are not yet clear about the real cause of the job’s impact on the child’s sex. In Lancashire, evolutionary psychology expert John Manning said, these results may be affected by testosterone in the womb. “If the testosterone levels were higher before pregnancy, then the babies were male, maybe a little bigger, but the exact cause was not clear,” Manning said.” There is evidence that, compared with the “focus” in the occupation of the couple, in the “system” of the occupation of the couple, to “meet” more testosterone in children, and more likely to have a boy.

A study published in 2002 by the Oakland University found that women who were overconfident had a higher risk of having a son because of testosterone levels. If a person’s ring finger is longer, then his testosterone levels are relatively high. Meanwhile, researchers in Copenhagen, Denmark, found smokers were more likely to give birth to girls.

Simon Rogers, 47, is the accountant and head of a number of business consulting firms, so he is classified as a “systemic” profession. Rodgers’s wife, 40 year old Gerry is a teacher, she taught mathematics and computer, they live in Buckinghamshire Payne, has fathered 4 sons, aged 14 and 12 years old, 9 years old and 4 years old.

“His wife seems to be a” systemic analyst, “Rodgers said.” she put all our lives together in good order.” At the moment, the Rodgers family is well organized, and all the children’s activities and shopping decisions are written on the white board in advance, and Rodgers’s wife has the final say in these areas. Even their youngest son, Tobey, is now a “systemic analyst.””. Rodgers said, “he would walk up to the fridge and say,” Mom, there’s no yogurt in it. Please write it on the writing board. “.”

Gerry Baxter, 46, and Aileen, 45, are engaged in a more focused career: vets and nurses. They live in Dumfries County, with 4 daughters, 18, 15, 13 and 11. Baxter said, “it sounds unbelievable,” but in general, you know they have 4 daughters, it is possible to roughly guess their “focus” and not a “system of analysts”. Among the people classified as “attention” are the most famous British rock stars Bob Geldof and Hollywood star Bruce Willis, who all have 3 daughters and no sons.

Women’s health network (Editor)

The ten most popular formula list for pregnant women’s milk powder

After the pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body has changed greatly, and the food she eats should meet the needs of two people. All the nutrients needed for the child’s growth come from the mother’s womb, so if the mother’s nutrition is not enough, she is not good for herself and will affect the child’s life. Early pregnancy, because pregnancy, many pregnant women can not eat, eat spit is a half, plus the absorption problem, can supply the function of the body nutrition to the children and have There is not much left., is not much, widespread malnutrition phenomenon, so is the indispensable milk of pregnant women during pregnancy. And now pregnant milk powder has added a lot of children to grow the necessary ingredients, can promote the child’s growth and development.

According to the investigation conclusion: the following are the top 10 most moms love milk of pregnant women rankings: 30.01%: 21.24% Nestle meadjohnson full: 17.54%: 13.82%: 11.46% Wyeth, Abbott Meiji Mommy Music: 9.07%: 8.70%: 7.01% Dumex Nanshan Senyong: 7.01% sun mother: 5.68%

Investigation and analysis of the A. milk of pregnant women surveyed, 92.23% of parents think that pregnant women milk contains beneficial ingredients to promote the healthy development of the baby, believed that pregnant women need to eat milk of pregnant women during pregnancy, pregnant women to help increase nutrition, improve the resistance. 52.05% of the pregnant women eat milk of pregnant women during pregnancy, and with praise for taking milk, suggesting that most people are aware of the importance of nutrition during pregnancy increase, and take effective measures, but there are also a few parents don’t think it necessary to let pregnant women eat milk, nutrition should be considered from food intake.

The B. survey shows that 47.66% of the mothers in pregnancy for 1 – 3 months began to eat milk of pregnant women, 39.56% pregnant mothers in 4 to 6 months and began to eat, early pregnancy is the nutritional needs of the period, because of the pregnancy reaction, many pregnant women have no appetite, what to eat, can not from the food intake of nutrients, milk of pregnant women is to help them get enough nutrition. Most expectant mothers believe that after eating pregnant women’s milk powder, the physique has changed significantly, the body functions are better than before, the skin has also been greatly improved.

C. in the choice of milk of pregnant women, 54.85% of parents on the milk composition, according to the composition of milk to decide what to buy milk of pregnant women, 25.61% of parents choose well-known brands, the brand effect appears or caused by the parents’ attention, compared to brand trust. 47.64% of the parents choose their own pregnant women’s milk powder, they believe that each person needs different ingredients, should be based on the actual needs of pregnant women to choose pregnant women’s milk powder. Pregnancy, although the need for supplementary nutrition, but it can not be filled too much. Many mothers back information are mentioned in the maternal milk tastes bad, are hard to swallow, but because it contains ingredients, and unlike food like eating on the spit, mothers still eat the whole pregnancy.

These factors contribute to the low birth rate of the baby”

Because of the environmental impact and abnormal living habits, modern people are prone to genetic mutations of their own. Any pair of healthy couples have the potential danger of “low energy children”. Up to now, the medical treatment of this disease has no effective means of prevention, and there is no effective treatment, can only be detected by prenatal screening and diagnosis as soon as possible, in order to terminate pregnancy, to prevent the birth of children.

Experts remind that the following 7 types of husband and wife belong to the “low energy child” high risk population:

1, the husband and wife side is older;

2, pregnant women before and after the use of teratogenic agents, such as tetracycline;

3, husband and wife side of long-term radioactive screen work or pollute the environment work;

4, pregnant women with habitual abortion, premature or stillbirth;

5, couples who keep pets for a long time.

6 、 before and after pregnancy, pregnant women have a history of viral infection, such as influenza, rubella, etc.;

7, pregnancy, the husband and wife side chromosome abnormalities;

Warm tip: pregnant women in about 3 months of pregnancy should be related to the examination. The test requires only two milliliters of blood to be tested and not harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Screening results will indicate whether or not to continue pregnancy or termination of pregnancy”.