How does dysmenorrhoea do, solve a soup to treat a method quickly, treat female dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhea is a major worry for women. How to treat dysmenorrhea has become a problem discussed by many female friends. How to treat female dysmenorrhoea? Light can be treated by diet, but heavy drugs are needed. Today, the women’s health network Xiaobian female dysmenorrhea friends recommend a few effective relief dysmenorrhea recipes, try it together!

Shenqi to chicken soup 30 grams of Radix Codonopsis, Astragalus 30 grams, angelica 20 grams, hen 1 (only to hair and viscera wash). Dangshen, astragalus, Angelica in the chicken belly, the fire after boiling stew. Season with salt, and drink meat soup 2 times a day.

Egg to egg 1 ginger, angelica 15 grams, ginger 5 grams, 15 grams of red dates (to core), 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, rice wine 220 ml. The Chinese angelica, ginger, dried orange peel boil for 30 minutes, to the residue, will beat the egg and rice wine, red dates into medicine juice, boil to rotten soup, eat red dates, jujube and egg.

Hawthorn, ginger, sugar, soup, hawthorn 15 grams, fresh ginger 20 grams, brown sugar 20 grams, water fried clothes, 1~2 times a day.

Tianqi Eggdrop Soup egg 2, 6 grams of ginseng (break), leaves 10 grams, 15 grams of ginger, boiled egg, cooked, remove the shell, and then placed in boiling. After boiling, drink the juice and eat the eggs 1 times a day.

Pig’s trotters, ginger soup, pig’s trotters 2, ginger 15 grams, GUI 6 grams. The pig’s trotters washed, each cut into four pieces, into the casserole, stir cooked. Pot into pots with ginger, Guangxi, water simmer to pig’s trotters Shulan, food.

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