How does dysmenorrhoea do, fast acetanilide, dysmenorrhoea how to do, solve quickly?

How does dysmenorrhoea do quickly acetanilide? Dysmenorrhea how to do, quick solution? Dysmenorrhea is because women lose their bodies and they have more cold. Before and after menstruation or menstrual period, there are abdominal and lumbosacral pain, severe abdominal pain, severe, pale, cold hands and feet, and even fainting, known as dysmenorrhea, also known as menstrual pain”. The pain usually lasts for hours or L – 2 days, and the abdominal pain is relieved after the general circulation of the blood. The disease is more common among young women, is one of the common diseases of women. Chinese medicine believes that dysmenorrhea due to Qi and blood running sluggish or deficiency caused by Qi and blood. The common clinical with qi stagnation and blood stasis, Hanning uterus, Qi and blood deficiency, damp heat syndrome.

Rapid analgesic solution is taking fenbid. Usually pay attention to keeping warm, must not let the foot catch cold. Every four or five days before menstruation, drink two cups of brown sugar water every day, and adhere to the second days of menstruation. Believe that three or four months dysmenorrhea will be completely better

No, some people think that hot water bag hot compress to relieve pain in the abdomen, the physical person, can be used for hot tubs in hot springs or more than usual, each about one hour, when taking a bath and parumbilical (about palm width) of the massage, to improve pelvic blood circulation and blood stasis (congestion) eliminate, have a good effect. Only the menstrual period is not suitable for bath, this can be part of the thumb under the two finger of the umbilical (the most points), the general press ten to twenty minutes, can reduce or eliminate dysmenorrhea.

In addition to the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, the daily self regulation is also very important. The principle of self adjustment is to improve the physique and increase the resistance of the body. In view of this, we must pay attention to regular life, moderate exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep and pleasant mood in daily life.

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