Looming, so that men can not hold the 5 trick

Although we often say that the old couple, the husband and wife do not know what the two sides of things. But in fact, no matter how old couples, are afraid of the same day as a”.

Especially in the life of husband and wife in that matter, if you do not want to stir up a bit of fresh desire, it is difficult for couples to live in harmony.

How to make husband and wife sexual intercourse more passion? Allegedly, the following 5 small methods to help improve the appeal, so that he can not hold.

Wear an eye mask and kiss

Foreplay, can let the other lying in bed, he put on the mask and then on him to do some small action, such as kissing. Because he can’t see you, don’t know you kiss the next site where will, so the excitement will be more intense; or, in other parts of the more sensitive to write and let him guess, this romantic game not only make sex more interesting, but also conducive to mutual feelings.


Might as well change the bedroom into a massage room, couples massage each other, push essential oils, can induce and enhance sexual desire. Generally speaking, women’s ears, neck, armpit, thigh, breast, nipple and other parts of the most sensitive, before this, can be the first to use Durex moisturizing aloe body lubricant applied on the body, aloe rich fragrance, full of colorful make sex appeal: it is difficult to resist the temptation of fresh aloe plants always surround, bring pleasure to the delicious your intimate experience.

Romantic atmosphere

The survey shows that a woman in a man specifically for creating the atmosphere more susceptible, women also love to create an atmosphere with ways to provoke a man. Point to a candle, is the love of men and women are more loving atmosphere to create a way, not only can increase romance, but also to each other’s physical and mental closer.

Moreover, in the candle light, both sides of the body and mind are more relaxed, body contours are more moving, both sides can enjoy more sexual love. Orange and lavender candles are a good choice, with essential oils that reduce anxiety and make people happy.

Drink red wine

Drink a cup of wine, amorous feelings. Drank wine to the woman, can be just perfect to show charming and sexy, men also love to see more amorous woman drunk. A love, a woman to face if the peach is so charming, natural man’s eyes full of desire. Red wine, not only let the woman keep a sex in shyness, but also fulfill the customers due regardless of personal danger and wild.

Wrapped bath towel

According to a survey, women wrapped in bath towels are more likely to arouse men’s sexual urges. Female sex may wish to take a short shower before sex, which keeps the body clean and allows the man to gradually stir up the desire while waiting. When he saw you wrapped in towels, bath sexy shake hair moist, estimated to have been anxious to stop

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