Breast hyperplasia diet minor recipe

What does mammary gland hyperplasia treat dietotherapy to eat? Women’s health network for you to introduce several conditioning breast hyperplasia diet small formula.

A scorpion 2, sandwiched Steamed Buns or pastry, once a day, seven days for a course, should be for 2 courses, courses can rest for 2 days, is invalid, he can change the application method.

Two, kelp 2-3 feet Xu, tofu 1 pieces, boiled soup diet. Seasoning by adding regular, you can add a little vinegar.

Three, orange cake tea Hawthorn: Hawthorn 10 grams, orange cake 7 pieces of boiling water for tea, boiling, then add 1 to 2 spoons of honey, when the frequency of tea food.

Four, Trina red tea, asparagus 15 grams, Acacia 8 grams, five red dates, tea, food, plus a little honey.

Five, cactus fried pork liver, often eat effective.

Six, black sesame 10-15 grams, walnut 5, honey 1-2 spoons to eat.

Seven, Cacumen Platycladi 30 grams, 15 grams of orange kernel, chrysanthemum 15 grams, fried soup to drink.

Eight, 2 – 3 eel, black fungus 3 little flower, 10 red dates, three pieces of ginger, add seasoning, the usual method for braised food.

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