Swelling and swelling of the breast is the main manifestation of hyperplasia of the breast

Hyperplasia of mammary glands accounts for more than 75% of all breast diseases. It is the most common type of breast disease. It occurs in women of any age after puberty. What does the symptom of mammary gland hyperplasia have? More early for breast swelling and pain, but some women often feel breast swelling, and dull pain, because there is no other discomfort, they generally do not go to medical treatment. Some people are naive to think that this can increase the beauty of women’s lines. As everyone knows, are likely to be swelling and pain

The clinical manifestations of breast hyperplasia in breast lumps, breast pain as the basic performance, approximately 80% of patients with breast pain, multiple bilateral, unilateral pain can be divided into the nature of pain, pain, pain, pain, pain or tenderness channeling. The performance of breast pain is often unstable, can increase before menstruation, but also often changes in mood, fatigue, weather changes. Breast lump is the main basis for diagnosis of breast disease. Most of them are multiple, the size of the tumor is different, the texture is hard or tough, the mass is not adhered to the skin, the surface of the lump is often smooth, and touch with a sense of particle. In addition to the above symptoms, some patients with nipple discharge and itching, swelling, pain, chest rib anorexia, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.

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