How to understand the leucorrhea routine inspection result?

The value of 1.pH after puberty because of ovarian sex hormone stimulation, the mucosal epithelial cells containing abundant animal starch, vaginal Lactobacillus decomposition into lactic acid, so that the vaginal secretions of weakly acidic, which can prevent the bacteria in the vagina propagation, which is used for vaginal self purification. When testing, commonly used pH value to indicate pH, normal pH is 4.5, with Trichomonas or bacterial vaginitis, leucorrhea pH value increases, may be greater than 5~6.

2. vaginal cleanliness can be divided into 4 grades:

Degree I: a large number of vaginal epithelial cells and a large number of vaginal bacteria were found under the microscope.

Second degree: microscopically, there are vaginal epithelial cells, a small number of white blood cells, some vaginal bacilli, a small number of miscellaneous bacteria or pus cells.

Third degree: microscopically, there are a small number of vaginal bacilli, a large number of pus cells and miscellaneous bacteria.

Fourth degree: no bacillus was found under the microscope, except for small amounts of epithelial cells, mainly pus cells and miscellaneous bacteria.

Note: the first to the second degree is normal, and the third to the fourth degree is abnormal leucorrhea, which indicates the symptoms of vaginitis.

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